Wednesday, January 23, 2013

America's Judgement

By Douglas V. Gibbs

America's judgement is set.  It is just a matter of when.  We have done all of the things Israel did in the Old Testament that brought God's Wrath.  We also do as the pagans and worshipers of Baal did.  We pay homage to the Zodiac, we sacrifice our babies, and bow to the goddess of sexuality.  We are violent without need, and we desecrate the things the Lord has given us.

The Founding Fathers were on their knees during the American Revolution, and prayed at a local church before sessions of the Constitutional Convention, under the recommendation of Ben Franklin.  The Capitol was used to hold worship services, the representatives prayed before each session of Congress, and George Washington proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving so that we may thank the Lord as a nation for our Blessings.  The Bible served as a textbook in our schools, and under the pressure of Christian abolition groups we shed the sin of slavery.

The early Americans were proud of their Christian heritage.  The nation prospered as the politicians prayed, and the pastors preached on the political direction of the country.  But the greater the nation became, the less we called upon the Lord, until eventually the State of the Nation was no longer seen as a blessing, but as a phenomenal achievement of human endeavor.

We got up from our knees and tossed prayer aside.  We call the Constitution the founders believed was constructed due to Divine Providence an old, antiquated document that has failed to keep up with the times.  Rather than Worship Services being held at the Capitol, we are told we must uphold a separation of church and state, and disallow the name of Jesus Christ from being uttered in the halls of government.  The praying representatives have been replaced by those that curse God, and work to dismantle the American System He so graciously bestowed upon us.  Thanksgiving has become more about the meal, than the Blessing, and some have proclaimed the holiday to be a "white supremacist" holiday.  The Bible has been removed from our schools, as has prayer, only to be replaced by anti-Christian philosophies like Darwinism and Islam.  We have forgotten about God's hand in freeing this nation from the sin of slavery, and now the citizens willingly accept slavery, and vote for slavery, in the form of entitlements, the redistribution of wealth, and a growing tide of socialism.  We have turned our backs on our Christian heritage, and we have revised history so that we may write God out of it.  Now, it is even hard to find a church that teaches purely from the Bible, and it is hard pressed to locate an American who aspires to understand and defend the United States Constitution.

Indeed, we have become as disobedient as Israel from the Old Testament, and judgement is no longer a matter of "if," but a matter of "when."

The goal of the dark forces in control of the American government is the elimination of all opposition.  This means the elimination of the pro-life movement, the destruction of pro-gun groups like the NRA, getting rid of conservatives, and quite possibly the entire Republican Party.  Ultimately, however, their end game goal is the elimination of God.

Is revival possible?  Are we able to snatch America from the jaws of collapse?

I am willing to fight the good fight for the sake of Faith, and my posterity. . .

Are you?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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