Thursday, January 17, 2013

Deconstruction and Character Assassination. . . From Thomas Jefferson to Colin Powell

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The United States of America was founded on principles designed to protect liberty, the rights of the citizens, and State Sovereignty against a potentially tyrannical federal government that was being created by the Constitution for the purpose of protecting, preserving and promoting the union of States.  The Old World mocked the attempt, determining that self-governance without a ruling elite to ensure the common good was folly.  The new country puts its trust in a system rejected by Europe called "republicanism," determining that as a republic, freedom would be best protected.

Then, as now, opposition rose up.  How could a system where local issues are navigated by local government without the wise eye of a centralized system filled with bureaucrats be anything other than an utter failure?

In order to discredit the founding of this nation, deconstructionists target the Constitution, and the individuals involved in creating our American System.  Among those men, and probably the best known of the founders, is Thomas Jefferson.  Though Jefferson was not at the Constitutional Convention, for he was in France on ambassadorial duties, the principles of limited government he held so dear were the principles that triumphed in that convention.  Jefferson congratulated his colleagues for a job well done, once he had the opportunity to read the new Constitution.  And for his efforts, he was targeted, and is still being targeted today, with character assassination.

The man considered himself a Christian, and even states so in a letter to Mr. Charles Thompson, which is re-printed in The Jefferson Bible, published in 1902 by N.D. Thompson Publishing Co.  In that letter, Jefferson proclaims, "I am a REAL CHRISTIAN, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus."  Jefferson, like a majority of the founders, were Christians, but not fans of organized religion.  The Church of England had a profound effect on those early Americans, and led them to disdain religion as created by man, while remaining faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

If any men represents the principled founding of the United States, Jefferson is among them.  Therefore, the deconstructionists have determined that, without adequate evidence, Jefferson was simply a deist, and they have concocted a number of myths about the man that through an onslaught of liberal media support and false teachings in the education system, Jefferson was flawed, and therefore if the man was flawed, so is our system.

The Jefferson Lies by David Barton tackles a number of those myths, and using a well constructed argument, based on writings of the time period, and the failure of the accusers to created viable evidence, reveals that the rumors surrounding the life of Thomas Jefferson are nothing more than lies.

The damage, however, has already been done.  Truth is not the aim of those that wish to tear down America.  All they need is a perception by the people that makes the population wish to turn away from the principles that founded this nation, and chase socialist and statist schemes instead. . . schemes that give the federal government, and the elitists that reside in it, the ruling power they believe they deserve.

In the same way, Colin Powell, a progressive that hangs on to a republican designation, is attacking the party that has historically defended the Constitution, and the founding principles of the nation.  He is calling the conservative wing of the GOP "racist," a charge that seems to be flung around quite a bit, of late.

Jefferson was accused of being a racist and immoral man because he allegedly slept with one of his young slaves and fathered children by her.  The evidence turned out to be false, and insufficient.  But, it didn't matter.  The people believe the lie.  Now, Colin is launching a similar campaign against conservatives, the one group left in America willing to defend the principles that made this nation great.

Powell's false accusations states that some republicans use "racial code words," and that some members of the GOP "still sort of look down on minorities."

Never mind that among conservative favorites are people like Allen West, Alan Keyes, and Bobby Jindal to name a few "minorities."  Never mind that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a republican bill filibustered against by the democrats, and it was reluctantly signed by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson - a man known in his own right for racist comments.

As with the attacks against Thomas Jefferson, Powell's attempt to hurt conservatives is a part of a much larger effort by statists to eliminate the opposition by any means necessary.  We saw it in the character assassinations of Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney.  The truth is not what matters, with these people of the political left.  What is important to the liberal left is the perception by the people, a false perception at that, which wrongly concludes the republicans who cling to conservative values are racist plutocrats who would stomp on the heads of Americans to achieve their own aims.

Interestingly, the accusation against republicans actually better suits their counterparts in the Democrat Party.

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