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Monday, January 07, 2013

Dropping Populations and the Muslim Baby Boom

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Bloomberg website was astonished by the report.  The headline was daunting.  On New Year's Eve of 2012, Bloomberg reported that Japan's falling population numbers set a new record, as the decrease in the number of births reached an all-time low.

According to the article, Japan's population during 2012 declined by 212,000, the biggest drop on record.

That’s the largest reduction since they started recording the data in 1947 and a sixth straight year of declines. The number of births fell by 18,000 to a record low of 1.03 million last year.

Meanwhile, over at Fox 5 WTTG in Washington DC, a city where the love and support of the poor, misunderstood Muslims is only eclipsed by their hate of Israel, the Associated Press headline read: "Palestinians will outnumber Israeli Jews by 2020."

It is no secret that the most freedom loving Muslims, and the most prosperous Muslims, in the Middle East, live in Israel.  But as the fertility tide turns, that may not be the case for much longer.  The Palestinian statistics bureau estimates that Arabs will outnumber Jews in the Holy Land by the end of the decade, a scenario that could have grave implications for Israel.

5.8 million Arabs live in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem. In the same region, about 6 million Israeli Jews reside.

With the Muslims pumping out babies faster than rabbits, the Arab population will catch up to the Jews by 2016, and in 2020, Arabs will outnumber Jews by 7.2 million to 6.9 million.

Some supporters of Israel argue that the problem of fertility rates is exactly why there should be a Palestinian state.  That way, if the Palestinians have their own country, they will happily go live on those lands, and leave the Jews alone, ensuring Israel's future remains with a Jewish majority.

As if the Muslims will be happy letting Israel continue to exist.

Numbers are not exactly something those that oppose Israel think about too much.  They can't seem to understand the unsustainability of a government handing out entitlements to the people as the producers become an endangered species, so why would they understand the unsustainable number of a fertility rate that falls below a basic replacement rate?

Demographic decline means that less workers are available to replace the retiring ones, and with a lower number, it becomes a little more difficult to support a rapidly growing retired population.  While we grow our national deficit to incredible numbers that we are sure will bankrupt our children's children, nobody is realizing that at the rate we are going, there may not be many grandchildren around to pay the debt.  As social justice climbs to unbelievable rates, nations are quickly realizing that the programs are bankrupting them.  There are just not enough producers to keep up the rate of spending. We need a replacement population, and we keep aborting them in the womb.

Meanwhile, folks with a very different worldview - one that involves jihad and shariah - are experiencing a baby boom, and are glad to serve as the replacement population.  Israel is facing that reality according to the Associated Press.  A number of European nations are beginning to recognize that their shrinking fertility rates, and the booming immigration and birth rates of Muslims, can mean only one thing. . . Islam will not have to invade Europe and take it over by force.  All they have to do is wait until their numbers are bigger.

Islam has the fastest growing population on the planet, and their political ideology that masquerades as a religion aspires to dominate the world.  Who needs swords to win the world, when the opposition is willingly killing their own offspring with scalpels and vacuums in an abortion clinic?  Between working families that want one kid, and people like Sandra Fluke who wants the government providing her with unlimited birth control, to the massive genocide of the unborn, we are doing the work for the Muslims.

A dwindling native population means that new workers are needed, and fewer folks remain to defend the nation against that invading population.  As churches are taken down because the secularists are angry about Christians daring to allow God to show up in the public square, mosques are going up in record number.  The gay nightclubs that complained about the intolerant Christians who see their lifestyle as a sin will have to close up shop pretty soon, if they want to keep their heads.

In order to keep your population stable, the minimal fertility rate is 2.1 babies per woman.  The United States is at 2.11, and dropping.  Canada has dropped down to 1.5.  Australia's at 1.7.  Most European countries not dominated by Islam are below 2, and a good number of them are below 1.3.  According to Mark Steyn, 1.3 is the death spiral.  Once the rate gets down to 1.3, there is no turning back.  The native population is on its way to dying out, and on its way to being replaced.

Countries with large Muslim populations are experiencing a baby boom, when it comes to fertility rates.  Afghanistan is at 6.69.  Yemen is at 6.58.

I am sure the Muslim quarters of the nations in trouble have a high fertility rate.  Dearborn, Michigan has got to be filled with babies being taught to swear their allegiance to allah, and the false prophet Muhammad.

It is just a matter of time, when you look at the numbers.  We are literally birth controlling ourselves out of existence.  And Islam is happy about that.  They are a patient people.  They've waited for centuries to dominate the world - what's another decade, or two?

Islamism is backward.  The people live as they did when Muhammad first decided to make his life of perversion and barbarism a religion.  But they are ideologically confident because they can strap bombs around their waists all day.  They can kill themselves as they kill us without being worried.  They are making more replacement bombers daily, and they are raising the massive new population of little darlings with hate and jihad in their heart.  Eventually, non-Muslims will be outnumbered, and they know it.  Patience.  Domination. It is a plan that they have carefully plotted, and we have fallen for it.

Japan's fall in population is not unique to Japan.  The civilized world is experiencing a drop in fertility rates worldwide.  We have stopped producing children, and for that we will be overtaken.  A civilization like ours is demanding, and to maintain it, it takes looking at the reality of the world, every once in a while.  At the pace we are going, life is going to get even more demanding, because the dark ages may be coming, and it is carrying a flag with a crescent moon on it.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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