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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Global Warming Lies: Now they are trying to convince us 2012 was hot year, when facts state otherwise

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Climate Change, the environmental mechanism being used as one avenue for leftist control, and the fantastical bogus, oil-hating pseudo-science that made Al Gore the rich man it did while he betrayed it selling his Current Network to oil producing nation Muslim network, Al Jazeera, has decided to fling at us some more falsities like a monkey flinging its crap.  This time, as we continue to experience sixteen years of cooling, because the warming and cooling of the planet is a natural cyclic-tic occurrence currently in a cooling trend, the global warming nut-cases have decided that 2012 is the warmest year ever.

This is what happens when scientific models are manipulated, numbers are made up, and ridiculous adjustments are fashioned to force data into a little box that looks like what they want it to look like.  It's not about facts, it is about manipulating public opinion, and moving the people in a direction they desire.

Planet Earth is resilient, and we couldn't destroy it if we tried.  Our contribution of greenhouse gases is so minuscule, that the idea that we influence global temperatures is about as likely as a fly hitting a cyclist's helmet, and knocking him off his bike.

Real science has proven global warming wrong so many times, it is becoming tiresome to even mention them.  Ice core samples have proven that in the past temperatures change prior to the rise or drop in carbon, not because of the rise or drop of carbon, for example.

With the claim that 2012 was the hottest year on record, it is becoming apparent that the climate change crowd is becoming downright desperate.

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