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Friday, January 25, 2013

Liberal/Progressive Policies in Spain and Greece Bring Unemployment Rates Above 25%

Spain’s Unemployment Rate Rises To 26% In Fourth Quarter Of 2012; Over Six Million Jobless


Entitlements, socialism, big government, and all of the other policies that the Obama administration holds dear has led these European governments to the edge of economic collapse, and has put over a quarter of their working age population out of work.  The same will happen here if we continue to pursue the policies of the liberal democrats.  However, we must understand, the hard left ideologues in the Obama administration are not interested in saving our economic system.  They first of all believe that the failed policies of Keynesian economics will turn things around, but if they don't, that's okay with them, because this is more about growing the government and creating a statist system that micro-manages your lives, than it is about acting in a manner beneficial to the countries financial health.

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