Tuesday, February 26, 2013

7th Circuit: Concealed Carry Must Be Allowed

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Illinois is trying to step up their gun control tactics, but the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the democrat attack on gun rights.  Regardless, Chicago's nutcakes will still try to steer around it all, and craft a tough law.

They are calling for all schools to be gun-free zones, or as killers like to call them, "easy pick-ins".

“Government owned and operated buildings should be gun-free zones. … One should not be able to possess a weapon in a hospital or a nursing home. Houses of worship should be gun-free zones.”

You know, it is interesting. . . all of these shootings everyone is upset about happened in gun-free zones.  Killers like gun-free zones.  They know they can go into these areas and kill at will, because nobody will be armed to fight back.

The courts disagreed.

I am not a fan of the courts, but even a broken clock can be right a couple times a day.

What is interesting is the democrats are demanding that Chicago needs tougher gun laws because of how dangerous the city has become.

Have they considered that there might be a correlation between the already very tough gun laws in Chicago and the increase in violence?  Funny, areas with more relaxed gun laws have a much lower crime rate.

The court has given Illinois a June 9 deadline to either pass a concealed-carry law, or allow anyone with a valid firearm owners’ card to carry any firearm they want almost anywhere they choose.

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