Friday, February 08, 2013

ARRA: Time for Meaningful Spending Cuts

Posted on ARRA News Service Last Wednesday. . . 

Republicans: Time To Fight For Meaningful Spending Cuts

The Senate is not in session today and will reconvene on Thursday to resume consideration of S. 47, the Violence Against Women Act.

The House was in session today. It passed (253 - 167) shortly after noon, H.R. 444, a bill requiring the President to submit balanced budget. It would require that, if the President's fiscal year 2014 budget does not achieve balance in a fiscal year covered by such budget, the President shall submit a supplemental unified budget by April 1, 2013, which identifies a fiscal year in which balance is achieved, and for other purposes. The House has adjourned until Friday, Feb 8th.

Yesterday House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) discussed President Obama and Senate Democrats’ failure to offer a serious budget or plan to replace the president’s sequester, and highlighted the action House Republicans are taking to hold them accountable. Following is the text of Speaker Boehner’s remarks:

“You know, every month under President Obama kind of feels the same: high unemployment, rising prices, and more debt for our kids and our grandkids. And if government spending were what the president believes creates economic growth, we shouldn’t be having any of these problems at all.

“Solving America’s problem starts with what every family does every month: they’ve got to do a budget. But the president’s budget is late again. Senate Democrats haven’t done a budget in nearly four years. And none of them have a plan to replace the ‘sequester.’

“That’s why Republicans passed the No Budget, No Pay Act to force Senate Democrats to finally take action. And it’s why we’re going to pass Tom Price’s bill that would require the president to submit a plan that would actually balance the budget. And the sooner we solve our spending problem, the sooner our jobs problem will go away as well.”

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