Sunday, February 10, 2013

Media Still Blaming "Anti-Islam Video" for Middle East Riots on 9/11/12

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I am constantly searching for important news items to bring to the Political Pistachio readers, and while combing through an email from the New York Times, I came across this headline and summary:

Egypt Court Orders Block on YouTube Access

A Cairo court ordered the government to block access to YouTube for 30 days for carrying an anti-Islam film that set off deadly riots last year.

The riots at the American Embassy in Egypt, as well as the so-called "protests" in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, erupted on September 11, 2012, a date that was also the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks on America.  In the United States, after that horrible series of terrorist attacks, we adopted the phrase, "We will never forget."  Based on the violence that occurred on September 11, 2012 around the Middle East, apparently neither did the Muslims.

Al-Qaeda became the target after the attacks in 2001.  The effort expanded into a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which also included a search for Weapons of Mass Destruction that Iraq shipped off to Syria before our arrival.  The search for the infamous Osama bin Laden gained the attention of the world, and in the Muslim nations made bin Laden a kind of Islamic hero.  The longer long-bearded terrorist evaded American forces, the more popular he became.  Finally, during the first term of President Barack Obama, Osama was located in Pakistan, and brave Navy SEALs went in to take out the notorious terrorist leader.

The narrative by the liberal democrats was that after all of those wars, and deaths by war, under George W. Bush, it took a democrat, Barack Obama, to capture bin Laden.  With the death of Osama bin Laden, the War on Terror was over, we were told.  No more would al-Qaeda be a major threat, because the wonderful American Leader Barack Obama had removed the vicious head from the dangerous al-Qaeda terror group.  Like a snake without its head, al-Qaeda was perceived as being nothing more than a wriggling body in the desert with no teeth remaining to do any damage to anybody.  All was supposed to be well in Wonderland.

With the War on Terror over, al-Qaeda falling apart because the great and wonderful Obama had slain Osama bin Laden, and with the United States reaching out to the Muslim countries with a giving hand and a friendly smile, all was well in the world.

As far as the democrats were concerned, the Muslims had no reason to hate us anymore.

Then, riots erupted around the Middle East on September 11, 2012 at U.S. Embassies and Consulates.  American Flags were being pulled down and burned, shots were being fired, and Muslims were shaking their fists at America.

The anger being exhibited by the Muslims against America did not fit the liberal left's narrative.  The followers of Islam were not supposed to hate us anymore.  The federal government had done all that it could to make these people happy, and love us.  It couldn't possibly be their fault.  There must be another reason, the liberals reasoned, and if they couldn't figure out what the culprit was, they'd make one up.

Democrats scoured the Internet searching for something to use as an excuse for the riots in the Middle East, hoping people would buy the lie, and not realize that President Obama's failures in the Middle East, which unleashed the Muslim Brotherhood on otherwise largely secularized Muslim nations, was a part of what was behind this new rise of hate against the United States.  The administration found its scapegoat on You Tube.  The patsy would be an obscure video, a trailer for a qualitatively poor anti-Islam film that was designed to be a spoof of the false-prophet Muhammad, and it was receiving only a few views across the United States, and a couple hits from Canada.

The Innocence of Muslims was targeted by the democrats, and touted as the cause of the riots, even though nobody in the Middle East, at that point, had even heard of the film.

American Diplomat Susan Rice led the charge, claiming the video was the cause of the riots, and that she had watched the protests slowly grow as word of the video spread throughout the otherwise wonderfully peaceful Muslim population.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama blamed the film, too, adding to the tale by calling it despicable and disgusting.  The media was eating it up, banging the drums of complicity, telling the world that this evil American filmmaker was at fault for the rise of violence in the Middle East on September 11, 2012.  They even found the guy, and threw him in jail, using the charge that he had broke his probation as an excuse for throwing him behind bars.

The obvious cause, the anniversary of a massive attack on America, was never supposed to be considered as a contributor.  After all, the ruling elite views the public as being nothing more than a bunch of unknowing imbeciles who will believe anything they are told.  Unfortunately, they are partially correct on that assumption.

The truth eventually came out, and the CIA confirmed it.  The film was simply something being used by the democrats to protect their narrative.  The truth became known, after the dust settled: Islam still hates America, Muslims value the memory of 9/11 as a victory against the Great Satan, and al-Qaeda was not dismantled because of the death of Osama bin Laden.  The democrats lied, and the media helped them do it, but nobody was willing to fess up to the truth.

The most amazing part of the whole thing, now, is that after all of the facts have surfaced, and the truth of the matter that the video had nothing to do with the violence in the Middle East last year is well known, the New York Times and Associated Press tells us in February of 2013 that an anti-Islam film set off deadly riots last year.

What is even scarier is that there are people out there that still believe the lie (which brings us back to those unknowing imbeciles).  There are still people that believe the propaganda.  That is how the democrats stay in power.  They feed the public full of bull crap, and enough of the sheeple believe it to vote the democrats right back into office.

It reminds me of the proud democrat who wrote to a newspaper upset over the Constitution because the person believed the Natural Born Citizen clause was extremely unfair to perfectly qualified candidates who are not eligible for the presidency because their mothers decided to give birth to them by C-Section.

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