Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Murrieta City Council Discusses Indoor Shooting Range

By Douglas V. Gibbs

During the public discussion only one person spoke out against amending the law to enable an indoor gun range to do business in Murrieta.  She said that the gun range would attract people with guns to the city, and we don't want that kind of criminal element to come to Murrieta.

Every speaker after her disagreed with the woman's flawed logic, and supported changing the ordinance to allow an indoor gun range into Murrieta.

In reality, despite the woman's silly rant, an indoor gun range would make Murrieta a safer city to live in.

The mass shootings we keep seeing in the news were perpetrated in "Gun Free Zones."  This is no accident. Those that plan to commit violence with guns want their victims to be unarmed.  Opposition interferes with their murderous plans.  An indoor gun range in Murrieta would attract law-abiding gun owners to the city, and a city with more gun owners in it repels the criminal element.

A gun range would also give local gun owners a place to practice shooting, and provide an environment for them to take gun-safety classes.  An equipped gun owner, who has practiced one's shooting techniques, feels more comfortable with a gun in their hands, and becomes a more confident shooter - exactly what you want to be if confronted by the criminal element in your home.

An indoor gun range in Murrieta would make the city a safer place to live, while increasing revenue to the city as a result of the new business being brought into the city.

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