Friday, February 22, 2013

Obama and Biden call for banning semi-automatics. . . ignorance rules these misguided emotions against guns

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Okay, let's get this straight.  Each and every idiotic call for gun control is based on myths and lies about guns.  People who don't understand guns believe the propaganda, and they are banning things they don't understand.

For example, they are all for banning semi-automatics.   Does the average liberal even know what designates a gun as a semi-automatic?  I asked a liberal friend, and he said, "It sprays bullets, like the machine gun scenes in the movies.

BZZZZZZ - wrong answer.

A Semi-Automatic is a gun that can shoot one shot at a time without having to make an additional motion to put the next round in place.  In other words, it shoots one shot by simply pulling the trigger.  I have two revolvers, for example, that would be considered semi-automatics because after I fire them, the cylinder spins to the next slot, and the next shot is ready to be fired.  All I must do is pull the trigger again.  My single-action six revolver, however, is not a semi-automatic, because after firing, I must pull back the hammer to turn the cylinder and place the next bullet in position to be fired.


"Do you really need an assault weapon to defend your home?"

Yes.  Besides, there is no such thing as an assault weapon.  That is a term made up by the liberal left to scare the ignorant into demanding guns be banned.  The AR-15, for example, is being called an "assault weapon" because it looks scarier than my hunting rifle - yet the only difference is the cosmetic addition of a pistol grip to the AR-15.  There is such thing as an "assault rifle," but those have a switch that can quickly change the gun from single shot, multiple shot, and fully automatic.  Those guns, by the way, are already considered illegal.


Hollow point bullets are becoming a part of the discussion regarding gun control. The bullet mushrooms upon impact, causing more damage.  They have been nicknamed "cop killers."  The liberal left deems them as dangerous, and claims they should not be owned by the average citizen.  However, when a woman with her two children shot an intruder in her house five times, the man still departed, and drove his car down the street before he collapsed.  A hollow point bullet would have dropped him in the house with only a second shot.  For safety, and protecting my property, I will take the hollow point.


That's just a few.  We will go over more in the coming weeks.

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