Saturday, February 02, 2013

Obama's Got A Gun. . .

Now, as you view this picture released by the White House, let's consider a few things.

Why would they release this picture?  Is it because Obama is being accused of being ignorant of guns, and so his desire to ban guns is based on fears that are not based in any personal knowledge or facts?

Obama indicated he went shooting to go skeet shooting.  If you are shooting at clay pidgeons, shouldn't you be pointing the gun upward?  What in the hell is he shooting at?

Notice the side exhaust? Is there a hole in the barrel of that rifle?  Or is this a gun not being shot (don't see his body responding to any recoil - though I suppose a .22 wouldn't make him rock back at all) and they added the smoke to make it look real, and over did it?

This picture, I am thinking, is about as legitimate as the birth certificate they released. . .

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Bigfoot said...

When this photo was shown by HotAir, one of the commenters stated that some gun barrels do indeed have a side exhaust port. On the other hand, it may be a second shooter, hiding in the woody knoll.