Monday, February 25, 2013

The Rubio Ruse

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As Marco Rubio has climbed into the driver's seat as the Republican Party's favorite rising star, I have sat quietly, watching and waiting.  His fans have declared Rubio to be the next Ronald Reagan, and his detractors claim he will be the death of conservatism and that Marco is nothing more than a snake in the grass.  I try not to jump to conclusions.  I have waited for the evidence to reveal itself.  With Marco Rubio, the jury has finally walked back into the courtroom, and I am afraid the verdict is, "Guilty.  Guilty as charged by those that have accused him of being a RINO."

When Rubio first burst onto the scene, I was fascinated by the immediate cries that he should run for president.  Conservatives are so hungry for someone, anyone, other than the turds we have been handed by the GOP every four years, that the moment someone sounds like they can articulate conservatism in a better than average manner, they are always quick to proclaim he should be President of the United States.  However, upon examination, I immediately learned that the son of Cuban parents was indeed born in the United States, but at the time of his birth his parents were not American Citizens, making Rubio a native born American, but not a Natural Born American.  Therefore, as much as everyone might think he would make a wonderful President, Marco Rubio is not eligible to run for President of the United States.  The Constitution requires that the President be a Natural Born Citizen, which is a person born of two citizen parents.

Floridians, after Marco Rubio entered the Halls of Congress, and took his seat as United States Senator, began to notice that Rubio's votes did not always match his conservative rhetoric.  Their complaints about the questionable conservatism of the Republican reached a crescendo, and even accused me of "taking an oath to the Republican Party," and "carrying Rubio's banner" for not being willing to speak out against the young GOP phenom.

Evidence, my friends.  I needed more evidence.

Riding into the U.S. Senate on a wave of TEA Party support, conservatives viewed Rubio as a champion that was willing to take on the Republican Establishment.  Instead, he has decided to join forces with the establishment.  The evidence is mounting, and two pieces of evidence have me greatly concerned.

Marco Rubio is a member of the Gang of Eight that are trying to put together an immigration reform package that will make everyone happy.  Rubio's position does not seem to be one that adheres to the rule of law.  As immigration stands, there are laws on the books that are simply not being enforced.  The answer is not to try to deport millions of illegal aliens, or make them legal in one fell swoop, but to simply enforce the laws that are already in place.  The solution is simple: As the security at the border tightens, businesses are expected to make sure through something like E-Verify that all employees are indeed legal to work in the U.S., and the immigration authorities are allowed to stop and deport illegal aliens when they come across them, the problem of illegal immigration would lessen - not because we are deporting the offenders, but because being here illegally would no longer be an easy way to go.  As for those already here, they already have a pathway to legality - it is called returning home, and getting in line like everyone else.

Enforcing the law would encourage a large number of illegal aliens to simply return home.

As for the children that have been raised in the United States and are American in every way except for a piece of paper, there has got to be a common sense way to deal with them, but amnesty is not it.

Marco Rubio disagrees, and he has embraced amnesty as the great solution. Amnesty, however, would be nothing more than an unmitigated disaster. History has proven that giving amnesty to these people simply creates new Democrat voters, and amnesty rings the dinner bell for millions more to come rushing across the border for their opportunity to slap in the face any immigrants that have gone through the process legally, and are interested in assimilating into the American experience.

Reagan learned the truth the hard way in the eighties when he signed his own amnesty bill.  The democrats refused to live up to their end of the bargain and ensure the border was secure, and millions upon millions of illegal aliens have rushed the border, hoping to be the next lottery winners in the game of amnesty politics in the United States.

In 2000, the Clinton administration ordered that the naturalization processing for hundreds of thousands of immigrants be sped up.  They did this for the same reason the democrats do it now - new immigrants tend to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The Democrats characterize themselves as the party of the poor and downtrodden, and the party ready to lend a helping hand to the new Americans - and the new immigrants, illegal or not, always fall for the propaganda.

The new immigrants don't realize that what they are really being offered is a one way ticket to despair, for the America the democrats fight for is not the freedom loving one we inherited from the Founding Fathers, and the one of prosperity and opportunity enjoyed by legal immigrants of generations past.

Rubio's other disappointment has been his alignment with Karl Rove since "The Architect" decided to launch a war against the TEA Party.  Like Rove, Rubio believes the TEA Party is dead.  He used the movement to get where he is, and now that it seems to be of no more use to him, Rubio has tossed the movement aside, and has embraced with both arms wide open the enticements of the Republican Establishment.

Expressing support for Karl Rove’s new PAC that is designed to pick the winners in the Republican Primary has Rubio at a disadvantage, now.  Rove’s PAC wants to exclude TEA Party candidates and support establishment candidates, and the strong conservative base views Rove's move, and Rubio's alliance with him on this, as being a form of betrayal.

Perhaps Rubio feels like he owes Rove because Rove’s PAC did support him in the general election. Let us also realize that if Karl Rove's PAC had been around back then in its current warped form, it would have supported Charlie Crist as the great RINO hope of electability.  Rubio would not have won that election.

So, Rubio's support for amnesty, and support for destroying the TEA Party that put him where he is at, has emerged as evidence, and Rubio is guilty of being a RINO in the face of that evidence.  So, don't run out and get that water bottle, just yet.  Perhaps a sip of water should not have destroyed Rubio's speech, but his positions on amnesty and Karl Rove's decision to target the TEA Party ought to have you realizing that perhaps that wasn't water Rubio was reaching for, after all.  He might have been drinking the Kool-Aid.

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