Saturday, February 16, 2013

Today is Paul "Prying1" Young's Funeral

My friend, Cary Cartter, has driven in from Arizona to join me as we spend one last moment with Paul.  I am to be one of the pallbearers, and deliver the eulogy.

I have never known what to say to people when they lose a loved one, and that unsureness is a universal thing.  As people in my world learned of Paul's death, knowing how close I was to him, they would approach me to give me their condolences, but not be sure what to say.  They stood there, searching for words, fumbling for the right thing to say, and I let them off the hook quickly, knowing the struggle they were going through.  I said, "Hallelujah, Paul has gone home to be with the Lord."  The great thing about Paul is that I have no doubt where he is.  I am not grieving for him, but for me.

I miss him.  I miss his fellowship.  My Mother told me, after reading a commentary on Psalm 126, that the joy of Christian fellowship is a wonderful thing.  It is the closest thing to Heaven in this life.

Thank you for the years of friendship, Paul.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.  And thank you for the fellowship.

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