Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Our Society Has Become

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Today's democrats are often called "socialists" by their opposition, and though that is probably true, what today's progressive liberals truly are is something worse.  These people are statists, which are people who believe that only the ruling elite understand how a society should be run, and that it is up to them to engineer that society so that eventually it becomes a peaceful utopia equipped with equality, fairness, and a share-and-share alike attitude.  Heaven on Earth, I suppose you could say.

Samuel Adams called the concept "utopianism."

Karl Marx called it communism.

In order to achieve this wonderful world of peace and understanding, the statists need to convince the people to stop thinking like individuals, and for them to put the overall collective above their own personal needs and desires.  The people must be taught to act in a manner that is good for the community, through governmental programs and policies.  The problem for the social engineers is, people often have a tendency to want to hang on to pesky little things like individualism, self-reliance, personal responsibility, freedom, and their own pursuit of happiness.

To transform a society, the ruling elite realizes they must do what the military does during boot camp.  The individuals must be torn down to nothing, and then rebuilt in a manner acceptable to the body politic.  In this way, the members of society become a homogeneous mass of followers willing to do as they have been programmed.

The human mind cannot believe that a fellow human being, or group of human beings, could possibly have such a sinister plan in the works for them.  Their disbelief that such evil could exist enables them to block out the possibility of tyranny, ridicule anyone that dares to verbalize such ridiculousness, and then they believe the propaganda thrown at them.  The follower of the mighty central government accepts all of these policies that would normally be seen as tyrannical, believing that they are actually intended for the well-being of the society, for the common good, and that they are necessary for the sustainable development of our future as a species.

Our current culture has been engineered through an onslaught of indoctrination through education, media, and entertainment.  We have become willful idiots who are unable to grasp onto any truth beyond what we have been taught.  The information age has quickened the process, and the ruling elite has taken advantage of the technology to finish the programming of Americans begun over a hundred years ago at the dawn of the progressive era.

The truth is still out there.  The last remnants of that truth, and anyone willing to spread that truth, however, are under fire.  The last vestiges of Americanism are being called "out-dated," "antiquated," and are being accused of possessing an inability to be utilized in our progressive, advanced, and complicated society.  The United States Constitution, and its concepts of limited government, State sovereignty, liberty, and a political system governed by the people is being tossed aside as nothing more than an archaic obstacle to progress.

Federalized, our schools have become indoctrination centers that spit out compliant citizens hailing that central government is the new god of the new age.  Television programs, all the way down to the cute little yellow feathered Street for toddlers, reinforces the mental programming of the youngsters, and the news media and entertainment industry reinforce the teachings not only for the children, but to ensure the proper re-education of the older folks that might still remember what America was like when it was still truly free.

And at the top of the hill a light is being extinguished.  It is becoming a flickering beacon in desperate need of a group of people that are willing to light it again with their torches, and their memories of the founding principles that made the United States prosperous in the first place.

The truth still clings for dear life at our fingertips.  The Constitution, writings by early Americans, and information put out by those still willing to fight the good fight, are still available to the average American. . . if they will only reach out and grab on to those sources.

The old joke goes that Satan's greatest accomplishment has been to convince people that he doesn't exist.

When raised in the darkness all your life, under the onslaught of liberal propaganda, how can you possibly imagine that light exists somewhere out there in the first place?  When all one knows is statism, how can one be willing to believe anything else?

Our memory of liberty is what keeps liberty alive.  Once it vanishes from the memories of Americans, the final nails will be driven into the coffin of the American Way.

The folks that have fallen prey to statism are growing in number, and when these people are energized to vote, as in 2012, even a failure-of-a-president can be re-elected, for the simple reason that he promises to bring more of what they understand - statism.

We have reached the sign that says "The Point of No Return."  If we pass it, the only way to fix our situation will be a bloody revolution.  And even in the case of revolutions, more often than not, a tyrannical oligarchy rises up as the controlling entity.  For that reason the last stand must be enacted now.  As the ruling elite positions itself for unlimited power and control over the people, we must stop trying to compromise with them, and do the only thing we can do - defeat them.

Liberty and truth is a difficult pair to fight for, especially when in a society like ours, where those concepts have come to be considered radical, and extreme.  The American System was created to counter this kind of tyranny, and as a Constitutional Republic, we must use the tools available to us, before they, too, are taken away.

We brought this upon ourselves.  The Constitution is no more than ink and paper if we don't fight for it.

We have two choices.  Fight using the tools available to us in the existing system now, or fight a bloody revolution later.

Make a choice.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Anonymous said...

Well said article. Those of us who see the writing on the wall are looking for action items. How can we work within the current system, without blood, to fix this? I found a site: that appears to show promise. We can get involved locally. Online petitions seem futile besides putting your name on what they call a "dissident" or "terrorist" list, the petitions seem ignored. Do our representatives really follow the people's requests? SOLUTIONS NEEDED!