Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Israel Warns Russia Against Arms Shipment to Syria

Hours after the European Union ended its embargo against arming the Syrian Rebels, Russia went into action to send arms to Syria.  The anti-aircraft missile systems Russia is to deliver would bring the missiles within striking distance of civilian and military planes over Israel's airspace.  Israel, in response to Russia's indication that they will be delivering this system to the Syrian Government issued a thinly veiled warning that it would bomb the Russian S-300 missiles if they were sent to Syria.

“The shipments haven’t set out yet and I hope they won’t,” Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defence minister, said. “If they do arrive in Syria, God forbid, we’ll know what to do.”

The shipment to the Syrian Government by Russia is based on a previous agreement, and Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergey Ryabkov said the purpose was to dissuade “some hotheads” from entering the conflict, referring to Britain and France who have shown they may send arms to the Syrian rebels now that the embargo has been lifted.

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