Thursday, September 26, 2013

Common Core Forces Unlawful Conduct Endorsement in Mississippi

by JASmius

Three observations to see

1.) Parents want their questions answered to why United Nations' Declaration, favoring Gay Marriage, is being endorsed, promoted, and discussed in ELA class when it is unlawful in MS.

2.) A former Dean of the College of Education, now Dr. Lynn House Interim State Superintendent of Education, has never heard of the U.N.? UNESCO? The U.N. Declaration of Human Rights that includes a heavy homosexual bias in Common Core curriculum? Hasn't heard from previous nights of lectures from parents who disapprove of teacher's authoritative approval of what is unlawful in our state? Dr. House gives the impression of being either incompetent with inexcusable ignorance or a liar.

3.) Something called Delphi Techniques (to control you) used at this meeting to frustrate parents so they'll give up.

Watch for:

A. No time for parents to ask questions to correct/confirm misconceptions.

B. Signal to Security on stage to sound the disruptive noise.

C. MDOE Staff member tells moms " WE HAD OUR DISCUSSION WE'RE DONE! WE'RE DONE"! Proving it was their discussion not a forum as promoted.

D. Dismissing, even turning away from, and ending conversation with anyone who fails to fully support common core, parent seen now as a waste of their time.

E. Answering questions, that every parent wanted to hear, in crowded, noisy setting, where Dr. House was seen even talking very quietly so no one could hear.

F. Dr. House stalling asking mom to send her something in writing but only after being pressed. Clearly Dr. House did NOT want to be "involved."

E. House selectively passing out her business cards and not even keeping them on her person to waste a little time.

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