Monday, September 23, 2013

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood

by JASmius

In Egypt there's been a dramatic turn in the crackdown on Islamist supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi. A court has ruled that all activities of the Muslim Brotherhood are now banned and ordered a confiscation of its assets.

Is this a dramatic escalation that will cause Egypt to slide into (even) greater chaos?  Hard to see it.

Remember first that the people there supported the Army-led coup that toppled Mohammed Morsi from power.  In our political terms, the Brotherhood's "brand" that they had built up for eighty-five years in the wilderness was flushed down the midden hole in only two years in power.  Incitements to sharia and holy war and crushing the infidels are fine and dandy as long as you can make the trains run on time - or run at all - or even HAVE trains.  When you're starving to death, the glory of Allah is difficult to hear over all that gastric yodeling.

Then there's the fact that Egypt is already in chaos as the Brotherhood is already battling the current Egyptian government.  Sending them back underground officially may be salt in the wound, but it seems to me that the coup itself was the sticking point.  This is just t-crossing and I-dotting.

Bet it was fun, though.  I do enjoy a good end zone celebration.

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