Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hard Starboard Radio: Zombie Control


Airsoft control; if the truth doesn’t serve social justice (and it rarely if ever does) — well, tell a noble lie, or ANY lie, as long as The Narrative is advanced; President Red Lines discovers a tactic to use against the Iranian nuclear weapons campaign that nobody, NOBODY had ever conceived of before - time-wasting, circle-jerking diplomacy!  See, THAT's why we have a demigod in the White House; Cruz & Lee's too-clever-by-a-bunch "filibuster the OCare defunding continuing resolution we demanded the House pass" gambit plays to a chorus of crickets; Thomas Sowell joins the camp of reason; and here come the true way out of ObamaCare - the wave of "trainwrecks" to come.

Login at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific, and listen to Internet Explorer get its turn.

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