Saturday, September 28, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack to post on Political Pistachio. . .

By Douglas V. Gibbs

My schedule has been incredible.  I have been working so many hours, and performing so many tasks regarding my efforts on the Constitution, that I haven't even had time to open my computer, much less write.  My friend, JASmius, has been holding down the fort while I was away.  He is as conservative as I am, though we differ on some of the political strategies. He's more "Republican Party," and I am a little more "TEA Party."

While he searches for a new blog to create, and knew ways to proclaim his belief that the TEA Party is destroying the GOP, he is still always welcome to write here.  For those of you that were ready to string him up, tar and feather him, be gentle, he is still a good friend of mine.  And he knows to begin his establishment rants with "By JASmius" so that you know it ain't me saying that kind of tripe.

I am not expecting to get back to full throttle any time soon when it comes to my own writing, but I should be able to begin putting a post on this site here and there.  The worst of the late-nights at work should be over (though I haven't gotten home before 7:30 PM, or awakened later than 3:30 AM, all week - I even woke up at 3AM this morning), giving me more time to write, speak, teach, host, and campaign.

Busy is good.  Good things are never easy to obtain.  Hard work garners results.

Oh, by the way, that full plate of stuff I do?  I threw on "running for Congress," just to make things interesting.



Douglas V. Gibbs

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