Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kerry Signs UN Arms Treaty - or "There Go Our Guns"

by JASmius

Global Marxists are trying to impose global slavery on ALL of us! To do this they MUST first disarm us!

First of all, chill out, dude.  You hasten that endgame by so shrilly warning of it in such a silly, overheated manner, because the LIVs and NIVs will just roll their eyes and launder their prayer rugs.

As to Lurch signing the UN Arms Treaty, which has as its dual aim (1) surrendering the Second Amendment to Turtle Bay and (2) barring the U.S. from providing military aid to key allies such as Taiwan, South Korea, and most especially, Israel, while the Russians and ChiComms continue arming Iran, Syria, and North Korea willy-nilly, "international law" be damned, remember that Bill Clinton signed the Kyoto Treaty global warming treaty back in the mid-90s, too. It died in the Senate. So will this one, unless you really believe, as Ted Cruz doubtless does, that half the GOP Senate caucus will vote "aye" to get to the two-thirds need for ratification.

The difference here, of course, is that O will implement it anyway, by force.  Leaving the question of whether We, The People, are heavily armed enough when that day comes.

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