Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Meetings

By Douglas V. Gibbs

One of the things I have learned as the new election season approaches is that my message of grassroots conservatism and a return to the Constitution is a message folks like to hear. After I spend a few minutes with a person, they quickly come to the conclusion that I should be more than local Constitution teacher, and public speaker.  People are sick of the Republicans acting little different than the Democrats.    Having a constitutionalist in the mix is very appealing to folks. They want nothing more to do with professional politicians, and they are tired of the Republicans refusing to go toe to toe with the Democrats (save for a brave few like Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz).   The culture in Washington needs to change, and preferably back to what was originally intended by the founders.

The 42nd District is a new district, gerrymandered to protect Ken Calvert's slot in Congress. Corona remains the dominant city in the district, and nobody has been able to dislodge Calvert for twenty years.  Everybody loves Calvert, people say.

Voters love Ken because they have never had a viable choice.  Calvert is always the lessor of two evils.  They hold their nose and pull the lever for Ken Calvert because the alternative is much more repulsive than the prostitute-friendly member of the GOP who also uses his position for personal gain.

On Sunday I met with a friend who is helping me with a website.  He agrees with folks out there.  I need to infiltrate Washington.  Perhaps.

Stay tuned.

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