Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woman Arrested For...Letting Her Children Play Outside

by JASmius

I'm noticing a trend here....:

Did I say "busybodying" earlier this morning?  My apologies, I was too kind; this is Obamunist drones following the example set by their infernal lord and master by butting into the private business of innocent neighbors to persecute them for not living the way the drones have been propagandized by the Regime to believe EVERYBODY should live.  This bulldyke considers allowing one's children to ride their scooters around the cul de sac while one looks on from one's front yard to be "child endangerment," and rather than just shaking her head or grumbling to herself and going the bleep back inside her own home, she decides that, by Barack, NOBODY is going to raise their kids any different than SHE decides they will, and so calls the cops.  And the arresting officer doesn't do any inquiring as to just exactly what took place that prompted the call, but instead dutifully frog-marches the incredulous mom in chains to the slammer for the "crime" of letting her kids play outside as countless other moms have done since long before scooters were invented.

Good for the mom that she's suing the town clowns and old biddy into the poorhouse.  I hope her legal eagles don't leave a scrap of flesh still attached to their worthless carcasses.

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