Sunday, January 26, 2014

Environmentalist Irony

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The liberal left democrats are an entertaining bunch, sometimes.  It amazes me how they are unable to recognize the hypocrisy, or downright comical idiocy, of what they believe.  Environmentalism is the funniest, because the facts are all around us.  Their attempts to belong through environmental foolishness has conservatives laughing out loud at them, and the funniest part is they don't understand why we are laughing at them.

The owner of KCAA, the radio station my Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs program airs on every Saturday, is a liberal, and supports environmentalist causes.  Yet, his attempts to erect a third transmitter, and improve the range of the station is being hindered by the Riverside Conservation Authority over some bird, or insect, that has to be protected.  It angers him all to hell, and yet he cannot see the irony.

A video has circulated where Penn and Teller had a person with a petition at an environmentalist rally to get signatures to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide. . . also known as water.  The environmentalists eagerly signed the petition designed, they thought, to enable government to ban yet another dangerous chemical by probably some mean, greedy corporation who cares more about making a buck, than saving our poor, little, defenseless planet.  Many were not sure how to react when they were informed they had signed a petition calling for the ban of regular ol' water.

When I worked in Hemet, the Stephens' Kangaroo Rat was the big issue, to the point that if you even accidentally ran one over with your car, you could be fined.  My response has always been, "It's a rat, and at my house there is only one way we deal with rats."  The liberals were in full support of protecting the Stephens' Kangaroo Rat, until the Domenigoni Reservoir Project came along.  The larger cause, with the hopes of creating a situation where water could be stored in case of a drought, enabled them to toss the rat aside. . . in that part of the valley, anyway.

In Oregon the big one was the Northern Spotted Owl.  My father, when he built his house, put it next to a large tree so that it could provide shade for the deck. . . plus it was a great place to urinate.  Years later, when the insurance company came to re-inspect, they told him he had to remove the tree.  It was too close to the house.  He smiled, and said, "I think I saw a spotted owl nest in that tree, so I left it alone."  A couple decades later the tree remains in place, right next to the corner of the house, and the front deck.

In Britain a rare bird thought to be extinct was suddenly spotted.  The last recorded sighting was a couple decades ago, and the last thriving population goes all the way back to 1846.  It was a white throated, needle tail something or other. The environmentalist whackos were excited, and followed the bird, hoping to see if it had a mate, or if there were others of its kind.  The environmentalists watched in horror as the bird cleared a hill and flew into the wind turbine of an environmentally friendly windmill that was producing environmentally safe electricity.

Then finally there is the story, of which the claims of if the story is true or not seems to be in question (but this could have easily have happened because nature, after all, can be brutal) about the baby sea otters nursed back to health by a wonderful group of nature loving environmentalists.  They brought the young sea otters back to health after some sort of alleged man-made calamity, and finally the day came to release them back into the wild.  The whole town showed up, with a marching band, and school children, to witness the blessed event.  The sea otters were released, and swam into the water.  The people cried, and waved, and cheered the happy occasion, and watched until the sea otters were far enough out they could hardly see them.  Then, they watched in horror, emitting screams of terror, as a killer whale emerged from the water, and ate their cute little sea otters.

Like I said, it is totally believable because nature can be brutal. . . and real.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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