Thursday, February 13, 2014

Murmurings of Independence: Temecula Constitution Class

Tonight we will experience exciting new information never discussed before in my Constitution Classes . . . and we also plan to have a few special guests. Keep Reading to learn more!!!!

As we continue to study the context of what led to the Constitution. . .

Tonight we will go into the events that led to the Revolution, and discuss the uniquely American Characteristics that led to this nation being forged.

The text of the United States Constitution was not just the result of heavy debate by the delegates, and their research of other examples of government, but also a direct result of their own experiences. As the murmurings of independence began to take hold, and the meetings in pubs and churches increased in frequency, the stand-offs against British Tyranny also increased in frequency, and ferocity. And all of this added up to more frustration, and determination, as the days passed, and the path toward the shot heard around the world approached in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Join us tonight at Faith Armory at 6:30 pm, 41669 Winchester Road, Temecula, for this very important lesson.

Added note: We are expected to be joined by Harry Ramos, current city council member in Murrieta, and State Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia. This is an opportunity to teach a potential ally in this battle to turn this country around. We need to make allies, and this is an opportunity to do what we always wished we could do: Teach the Constitution to our political critters in Sacramento. Bonnie is running for State Senate in 2014, and how powerful would it be to send her away with new knowledge about the Constitution, and a new appreciation about the founding of this country? Please join us for this exciting opportunity. I believe this will be an incredible experience for all of us.


Douglas V. Gibbs 

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