Thursday, April 24, 2014

Five Alarm iPad Fire

by JASmius

Alarms going off - millennials are too addicted to their mobile devices, like iPads.  Children under the age of four are experiencing difficulty lifting and playing with blocks, because their hands are too used to an iPad.

Hear Bill Whittle explain why this is an urgent, 911 call for change.

<shrug>  I don't have an iPad or a "smartphone".  My tech wonder was satiated by PCs and laptops, both of which I do possess.  I simply lack the desire to keep myself broke buying each new gadget that comes along.  And I don't consider that to be a bad thing.

What baffles me is why kids age 0-4 need iPads in the first place.  What do they use them for, anyway?  Bibs?  Teething rings?  I'm sufficiently into geezerhood that even my kids predated a lot of this technogear, but I can say with utmost confidence that had such devices been on the market when they were that young, it would never have occurred to be to so equip them, because....why burden kids down with adult toys (so to speak)?  Let 'em be kids before they have to grow up and realize that life sucks and dupes you into believing that you have to keep yourself broke buying each new gadget that comes along, and that you have to vote for Democrats, and that there's such a thing as a long, rich, and rewarding career to be had, and other rank follies.

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