Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NBA Lynch Mob

By Douglas V. Gibbs

So much for a penny for your thoughts.  Now, your thoughts can cost you $2.5 million.

Welcome to Orwell's 1984.  Welcome to the future where thought-crime is punishable by lynch mob.

A part of what goes with freedom is the freedom to be an idiot, to be wrong, to fail, to piss people off, and yes, even to be a racist.  Sterling's words were insensitive, and his beliefs are not in line with what today's oversensitive society expects out of people.  And that is his prerogative.  What he believes is his opinion, and is his business.  Don't like it?  Don't buy tickets to the Clippers games.

I get it.  The NBA is a business, and they have a right to run their business as they want, and if they want to get rid of an owner because he does not fit within their business model, then that, as a business, is their choice.  But this really isn't about Sterling, or the Clippers.  It is a part of a much larger design to mold society into the image dreamed of by political zealots that believe if you say anything outside of their agenda, you must be punished.

Racism is a tool used to divide and conquer, to create chaos so that the leftist establishment can come in and fix the problem they created with bigger government, an increase of control, and more insidious regulations.

President Obama is heralded as being a Constitutional Lawyer, Constitutional Professor, and Constitutional Lecturer, but in reality, what he lectured on was how to use the 14th Amendment to create racial division.  His plans of divide and conquer are working perfectly, and the accusations of racism regarding Nevada rancher Bundy, and Donald Sterling are right on time.

While the liberal left foments racism, and push for us to be moral and fair to each other or else the lynch mob will come and get you, the same leftists agenda has done all it can to discredit the American Culture, eliminate all laws regarding morality calling them a violation of free speech and free press (now our children have porn in their pocket), and has presented homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as "normal, natural, and healthy."

Most everyone will agree that the NBA has a right to run their business as they want.  If they want to ban Sterling, and take a chunk of change from him for his misbehavior, we are told, that is their decision.  You know, like that sign that says "This business has the right to refuse service to anyone."

Would the hypocrites of the liberal left agree with that statement if the NBA banned an owner for a racist rant against a white person?  How about if the NBA refused to sanction a gay marriage between a couple players, or refused to bake a cake for that gay wedding?  Would the statement about being able to run one's business as they like still apply?

One of the examples I use to explain the difference between a democracy and a republic is that if a man was accused of murder, and a lynch mob went out to find him, decided he was guilty, and hung him from a tree, that would be democracy in action.  However, if he was given due process, and the laws of the land were applied to the case, that is a republic.  In a democracy, if the majority believes you don't deserve your house for whatever reason they can come up with, the mob can take it from you.  They can take your kids.  They can decide to disallow people with green eyes to exist in their society, and then commit a genocide against all green-eyed people.  In a democracy, there are no checks and balances.  There are no freedoms.  Conform, or without even the opportunity to defend yourself, you are punished by the mob.  The mob dictates the terms.

Regarding Donald Sterling, the mob dictated the terms.  He was found guilty, and punished, because a bunch of people got all up in arms because of what he "thinks."

Are we prepared to go down the slippery slope of thoughtcrime?  Who will define what thoughts are acceptable, and what thoughts are punishable?

Sure, Sterling was an idiot.  He should have known better, being in the public eye, but even if his opinion is deemed wrong by the majority of society, is it right for them to then use a lynch mob to take millions of dollars from him, and take a sports franchise away from him, because his thoughts made their way to his lips in what became a sensationalized moment of verbal racism?

It amazes me, because the same people freaking out over the tape provided by Donald Sterling's young girlfriend that had the 80-year-old's racist comments on it, and the same people ready to put a noose around Sterling's neck, are the same people that shrugged off John Kerry's recent "apartheid" remark regarding Israel, the racist rants of Obama's reverent Jeremiah Wright, or ignore the "get whitey" games by knock-out thugs.  Did Democrat Party Senator Byrd's membership in the KKK bother you?  How about Lyndon B. Johnson's racist comments, and reluctance to sign the Civil Rights Act?  How about Harry Reid's remarks about Obama's "negro dialect," or Bill Clinton's comments about Obama would have been bringing coffee to him?  Does the fact that liberal left hero Woodrow Wilson segregated the U.S. Military after the Republicans had worked so hard to integrate the military?  When George Zimmerman was called a "creepy-ass cracker," according to Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel, didn't that bother you too?

People can't offend me.  I refuse to give anybody that kind of control over my emotions.  If they say something stupid, that is their opinion, and they are free to have it, say it, and think it.  If I don't like it, I just won't associate with them.

There are better ways to deal with people who hold racist opinions than to become the very lynch mob we accuse those racists of wanting to form.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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