Monday, April 28, 2014

Pro-Life Means White Supremacists According To MSNBCCCP

by JASmius

Testify, Dr. Williams:

Anymore I'm of two minds on garbage like this.

On the one hand, it's almost piteous that libs' answer to everything, on every issue, is "You're a racist".  The term "racist" has been so completely drained of meaning that it's like a second F-word.  Go on YouTube and do a search for "Kevin Nash" - he's a noted semi-former pro wrestler who was a big star with the WWF and WCW in the 1990s as "Diesel" with the former and in the nWo with the latter - and watch the various and sundry nostalgia interviews he's done over the past few years.  What you'll soon discover is that his are among the most profane interviews you'll have ever seen primarily because of his ubiquitous use of the F-word.  "Yeah, I threw him off the f-ing ropes and hit him with the big f-ing boot and the crowd went f-ing wild," is standard "Big Sexy" dialogue.  It is possible to find Nash interviews where he's a bit more rhetorically disciplined, but not easy.  And it's a shame, because if you can mentally filter out all his f-bombs, "Big Daddy Cool" is a very well-spoken and articulate guy.  If he'd sanitize his language a bit more, he'd be a joy to listen to.

It's kind of like the difference between the George Carlin of the 1970s and early 1980s and Eddie Murphy in the '80s.  I probably have more tolerance for profanity than I should, but I can get a kick out of it in short bursts or when otherwise used occasionally.  The younger Carlin was a master at that and part of what made him so hilarious (much like Ron White today).  Whereas a great deal of Murphy's act back then was simply cussing for shock value, or so it seemed to me.  There simply wasn't any creativity involved.  I have no desire to listen to an act or an interview where every third word is "fuck" or a derivative thereof, but if it's used sparingly and creatively - check out Dr. Smoov's Transformers parodies - it can be highly entertaining.

All of the above to say that lefties have taken all the sting out of the R-word.  Time was when this kind of smear would trigger an Andrew Jackson-esque reaction.  Character assassination was fighting words way back in the nineteenth century for which John Kerry has so much disdain, and would lead to fistfights or pistol duels.  Maybe it was a tad Klingonesque, but personal honor meant something in those days, and if somebody did the equivalent of flipping you the double-bird right in your face, they were just asking to be punched right in theirs.  Repeatedly.

That's what the word "racist/racism" and all its synonyms have become for the Left.  So when the androgynous jackoffs on MSNBCCCP smear anybody who believes in the sanctity of human life, born and unborn, as "white supremacists," they might just as well be telling us to "f" off.  Indeed, they'd be better off doing so that way, because (1) it would be nominally more entertaining, (2) it might raise their ratings a tad above a flatline, and (3) it'd be a lot less incoherent, as the only substantive connection I know of between race and abortion is Margaret Sanger, the leftist Democrat who founded Planned Parenthood in part to carry out the genocide-by-attrition of the black "race".  Of the numerous adjectives that could be applied to that woman, "pro-life" is most definitely not among them.

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