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Knock-out Game: Black on White Violence

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The race riots have begun.  The Black Panthers have gotten their wish.  Racist violence in order to create even more division has begun. . . by design.  Barack Obama is at the center of the blame.  He understands that culture is politics, division creates crisis, and during times of crisis the government can do things that the citizens would not normally allow them to do.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama constantly call out the "racists" for their opposition.  Obama's minions have called any opposition to Obama's policies actions rooted in racism.  President Obama, according to his supporters, has been a Constitutional Lawyer, Constitutional Professor, and a Constitutional Lecturer, but in reality, his only ties to the Constitution is lecturing on how to use the 14th Amendment to promote racial division.

While in a conversation with someone about the Constitution, discussing various philosophies, and how political systems other than the American System are not compatible with the Constitution, a woman that overheard our conversation asked me, "So you are an expert on the Constitution?"

"I'd like to think so," I quipped, without going into the list of classes I teach, or events I speak at.

"Oh," she said with a smile, "then you must be thrilled that we finally have a President that is a constitutional scholar."

I must have had a look of horror on my face after the final word escaped her lips, because her smile quickly turned into a frown.

"Understand," I told her, "that Barack Obama would like to think he's an expert on the Constitution.  However, first of all his understanding of it is in the realm of Case Law, which is not the proper interpretation of the document, and second, his lectures at the University of Chicago were centered around the 14th Amendment, and how to use the Constitution to create racial division."

When conservatives complain about Barack Obama, and tell me that they wished Obama understood the Constitution, I usually say back to them, "Oh, he knows it.  He just doesn't like it."

Obama's college lectures always centered on racism, and Obama taught that in America, racism has been institutionalized.  There is no escaping it, unless a race war forces the white man into obedience.

During a radio program I was participating in, a person in the chat room wrote, "Kill Whitey."

I responded, on the air, "To the person in the chat room with the Kill Whitey title, don't you think that is racist?"

The chat room participant, without bothering calling into the show to respond to my accusation, typed, "Only white people can be racist."

Such is the general opinion of a vast array of minorities.  Only white people can be racist, and to be racist against white people is not only not racist, but to a massive swathe of the members of the minority groups, racist actions against whites are courageous, noble, and expected.

Before my parents moved to Corona, when I was a young child, we lived in North Long Beach, an area now dominated by blacks, but an area that was pretty much an even distribution between white, black and Hispanic when I lived there.  I learned early that the black culture is largely based on tradition, and cultural anomalies that were inserted very long ago.  In the black community, the history of slavery in America is a festering sore, irritated constantly by those who use racism as a means of profit.  Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among those that foster racism, pointing fingers at whites for being racist based on their skin color, and like Obama in his lectures, has convinced the black community that racism has been institutionalized in the United States, and because of the presence of racism there is no hope to move up in America. . . so the black segment of the population is doomed to poverty, and government assistance.

Anger is taught.  Hate is taught.  The black community has been conditioned to hate and despise the white segment of the population.  The belief that because racism is institutionalized, and because whites are all still racist and every decision they make is because of the color of the skin on the black person's body, retaliation against that racism is not racism.  Reverse racism, as some may call it, is a person simply acting in defense for the centuries of the evil institution of racism (largely through slavery) perpetrated against blacks.

Never mind that blacks enslaved whites.  Never mind that while slavery was eliminated in white-dominated countries, it still exists in African nations.  Never mind that the first official record of a slave owner in America was a black man, who had both black and white slaves, by the name of Antonio Johnson.  Never mind that it was whites who created the NAACP to help with the advancement of the black community.  Never mind that it was white republicans that proposed, and supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while it was the democrats who now conveniently claim to be in the corner of the blacks, that filibustered against it.

The anger is fomented by those who choose to keep racism in the dialogue so that they may profit from it.  The charge of racism is always accompanied by statements from two of the most incendiary provocateurs in the race-baiting business, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  These men are a pair of black leaders (self-proclaimed leaders) who dare call themselves "Reverend." These race hustlers live large with no visible means of support except for the "donations" they receive, and that support they get is from their claim that they stand with African-Americans in their battle to beat down the racism in this nation.  They are charlatans that work very hard to keep racism in the American narrative, because racism is their bread and butter.

When a black woman falsely charged that she had been raped by three white Duke University lacrosse players, the pair of race-baiters were there in North Carolina to cash in, calling it a clear case of racism.  It turned out to be a clear case of fraud by the alleged victim.

As long as they can keep racism alive, these con-artists can stuff cash into their coffers.

It is men like Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson that are to blame for the increase in racism against whites in America.

Several years ago, Sharpton claimed that blacks cannot be racists because they don't have the power to support discrimination and subjugation in the system.  The black youth has bought into that madness, and now are conducting a race war in the guise of the Knock-out Game, largely because of the rantings of the three black racists, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

The black leadership and Democrat Party have institutionalized racism for their own profit, using a strategy to limit free speech for one segment of society, while giving unlimited license to the other. We have the Congressional Black Caucus, Miss Black USA Contest, Black Entertainment Television, and the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice.  If the table was turned, and you inserted the word "white" in the place of "black," would these organizations not be considered racist?

The white man, according to the race-baiting leftists, is the enemy, and must be taught a lesson for the history of racism they have perpetrated upon the blacks.

With the emergence of technology, and the expansion of the availability of information and video online, comes the opportunity for the angry to show their anger to an eager audience that shuns good news, and rubber-necks to see the grisly.  Videos have cropped up of black teen mobs rampaging through stores, and targeting victims.  The mobs of black teens, however, mostly attack white victims, and target white businesses.

Through all of that evolved the Knockout Game, a brutal racial activity that takes the race war to a personal, individual level.

The Knockout Game, according to the police, involves "unprovoked attacks on innocent bystanders."  It is "normally" a group of black males striking as hard as they can in the face of a victim, in an attempt to knock out the victim with one punch.  The victims are usually not robbed.  The attacks are committed with no provocation.

There is no concern over whether or not the attacks kill the victim.  The only consistency, or pattern, is that the Knockout Game is usually black attackers on a white victim.  The victim is often an older person walking alone.

Media outlets tend to fail to report the racial aspect of the attacks. After all, blacks can't be racist, remember?  Sharpton said so.

Of course, on the rare occasions the Knockout Game is played by a white against a black, the white man is automatically charged with a hate crime.  If a white does it, it must be racism.  If a black does it, it can't be.

The games encourage racism to be committed by young blacks, who have been conditioned to believe it is okay, because blacks can't be racist, and the whites have it coming to them for centuries of institutionalized racism.

And the race war being waged by the players of the Knockout Game creates division, and presents a "general" image of blacks that is not true.  Most blacks are not the angry black youth going out there to "kill whitey."  A large segment of the black population is not racist, and this crap angers these people.  A portion of the black community are conservatives, and these folks are sickened by the propaganda that the Democrat Party spews regarding racism in America.

People like Obama, and the race-baiting reverends, are in part to blame for the Black on White violence of the Knockout Game, and the racial division in America being encouraged.  The media is complicit, quick to point out race in stories where the black is a victim, but reluctant to report on race when a black is the perpetrator.  And honestly, I don't think the stories should be reported based on race, but on the same token, let's not ignore the obvious racial component in regards to the Knockout Games.  Let's not ignore that racial division exists, and it exists by design because the liberal left Democrats needs it to be in existence in order to maintain their power.

The liberal media refuses to recognize the racial component of the Knockout Games, and then condemns any conservative outlet for mentioning race at all. The liberal left dismisses the concerns regarding the racial component of Knockout Games, because they know that culture directly influences politics, and in the end, racial violence is good for the power, and wealth, of the liberal left politicians.

Racism is a tool, to these people.  They have used it to paint all Republicans as raging racists, and the average person knows that racism is evil. . . so, if the Republicans, and Tea Party folk, are all a bunch of racists, then who would vote for them?  Even if the Democrat is a complete idiot, the average voter would rather vote for incompetence over evil.

The Knockout Game must be seen in the context of what it is: black-on-white violence in America.  The reality of it all must be addressed, and the truth is that black-on-white violence is not only a social problem that deserves more attention, but that it is being encouraged, by design, by a leftist political ideology specifically for the reason of creating division, creating crisis, and demonizing their opponents as being the reason for racism in America (when the truth is the exact opposite).

The cause behind the emergence of the Knockout Game is not boredom, as some have suggested, or the need for these kids to prove their toughness. The cause is deeper than that.  The cause is that an entire people have been convinced that government dependency, poverty, and being beat down by "the man" is all they can hope for in America, and if it will ever have a chance of getting better, the white man must be beaten down.  Until that lie is exposed as being a grand deception, and the black community realizes that the Democrats are not their friends, but are holding them down, holding them hostage, and holding them back from grabbing a hold of the American Dream with their policies of government dependency, the problem of black anger, and racism against whites, will remain.  In fact, with the strategies of labeling opposition to the liberal left as being a bunch of racists in place right now, and the complicit media jumping on board the band wagon, the problem will predictably get worse, and next the games will evolve into armed conflicts.

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Knockout Game - Violence Against Whites

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