Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Measles Strikes Murrieta, California

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Disneyland was ground zero, and now the Measles has spread to six States.  In California, the disease has worked its way from Orange County into the Inland Empire, with the latest case emerging at Vista Murrieta High School.  Murrieta, a city on the corner of southwest Riverside County, lies just north of San Diego County, and many of the residents blame the arrival of Measles into the United States on the influx of illegal aliens.  In July of 2014, citizens of Murrieta turned away busloads of illegal aliens, largely due to their health concerns regarding the illegal aliens coming to their city.  Among the arguments by residents of Murrieta was that illegal aliens are not medically screened, as is legal immigrants, placing the receiving population at risk of infection of a variety of diseases, including tuberculosis, scabies, hand foot and mouth disease, Small Pox, and the Measles.

The appearance of the Measles at Vista Murrieta High School, has resulted in the barring of any students not vaccinated against the disease from returning to school.  Around 40 Vista Murrieta students whose records gave no indication of measles vaccination are being kept out of class until February 7, a date that marks the end of the Department of Public Health's "surveillance period," as well as the time during which a potential measles carrier would go from incubating the disease to revealing signs of having it.

According to health officials, a school employee was recently diagnosed with measles but is already in recovery and has been cleared to return to work because he's no longer infectious.

Though the origination of the measles cases in Murrieta has not been revealed, it is likely the measles cases in Murrieta can be traced to last month's Disneyland outbreak.

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