Thursday, July 30, 2015

Behold, The Boy Scouts' Future

by JASmius

If the BSA truly believes that they're going to cut down on their legal bills by caving on homosexual recruiters pimps "scoutmasters," I would respectfully suggest that they think again:

Yet another man is charging the Boy Scouts with failing to protect him decades ago against a former St. Paul adult scout leader who allegedly abused him dozens of times when he was an adolescent and took naked photographs of him.

The scout leader, Leland "Lee" Opalinski, has been named in three other civil suits against the Boy Scouts of America since late June, when Ramsey County Commissioner Jim McDonough announced he was seeking damages from the Scouts and the local Northern Star Council for four years of sexual abuse by Opalinski.

In a civil suit filed Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court, John Doe 153 charges that Opalinski repeatedly had "sexual contact ... [and] penetration" with him between 1967 and 1971, when he was twelve to sixteen.

The abuse allegedly occurred at First Covenant Church on St. Paul's East Side, where the troop was based, and at various camps and Opalinski's home.

What makes the suit different from the others are the child pornography allegations, as well as the fact that the plaintiff was one of two boys with whom Opalinski admitted taking "indecent liberties" in a 1971 court case. His guilty plea resulted in seven years' probation and banishment from scouting.

Now, of course, Opalinski's slate is clean and he can return to "scoutmastering," and there's not a damn thing the BSA can - or will - do about it.  Indeed, it is Jim McDonough and all the "John Does" who are in actual legal jeopardy because they have exposed their "homophobia" by filing these abuse suits.  Don't they understand that homosexual recruiters pimps "scoutmasters" now have a CON-STI-TUTIONAL RIGHT to abuse young boys?  And if anybody objects, they will be sued into bankruptcy and perhaps criminally prosecuted for good measure?

Like I said the other day, there are some issues on which no compromise is possible.  The BSA agreed to allow an army of Leland "Lee" Opalinskis into their ranks in order to try and deflect Gaystapo lawsuits, and now they've guaranteed that they will incur countless more abuse lawsuits from the other direction.  It's difficult to muster much sympathy for a worn-down organization whose ultimate cowardice will have brought its fate upon itself.

Exit question: Has anybody ever asked the Lavender Lobby to directly and substantively explain why it is so adamantly critical that homosexuals be Boy Scout leaders?  Because until they convincingly answer that question (i.e. not their rainbow propaganda and latent Christophobia), the self-evident answer will be "an army of Leland 'Lee' Opalinskis".

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