Wednesday, July 29, 2015

JCS Chairman Martin Dempsey Commits Career Suicide

by JASmius

Wow; first formerly incoming Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley and outgoing Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno, now soon-to-be outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and memoirs-writer Martin Dempsey - from where did this sudden transformation from cringing, boot-licking political yes-men to candid, outspoken military professionals come from?  Did a truth pathogen somehow get released into the Obamagon ventilation system?:

The Army's top general says it was never his military advice that the United States either make a nuclear deal with Iran or face the prospect of war....

Especially since making a nuclear deal with Iran is what will LEAD to war, on the mullahs' terms and timetable.

....a haunting choice Barack Obama has claimed Congress now faces in its scrutiny of a pact with Tehran.

That they gave up any hope of even creating the illusion of stopping three months ago.  O is really playing to the history textbook writers starting roughly ten years from now - you know, after the mullahs have EMP'd us back to the halcyon days before the invention of the cotton gin.

And General Dempsey has just made this particular chapter a LOT more interesting.  Fortunately for his infernal majesty, modern printing presses run on electricity.

Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate hearing Wednesday on the deal that he never presented Obama with an either-or choice for a nuclear proliferation agreement, National Review reports.

"At no time did that come up in our conversation nor did I make that comment," Dempsey told Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst. "I can tell you that we have a range of options and I always present them."

Fist-bump to the Iowa pig farmer and Iraq War veteran.  With one question she has laid bare that Obama strawman lie and turned General Dempsey back from the Dark Side.  Pity O's putter shoots Force Lightning.  I'd say it's a good thing that they have voice-operated PC software these days, but that runs on electricity too.  So the General is going to need to write that memoir in a really big hurry.

Maybe that explains his tepidly sycophantic opening statement:

Mississippi Republican Roger Wicker called Dempsey's brief opening statement a "tepid endorsement" of the accord and "damning disagreement with faint praise," but Dempsey disagreed, saying he supported the deal, Defense News reports.

While effectively militarily advising The One to reject it.  Sounds double-minded at best, clueless at worst.

And I do mean clueless:

Dempsey also told New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte that he advised Obama not to agree to the lifting of sanctions related to Iran’s ballistic missile program and other arms.
"Yes, and I used the phrase 'as long as possible' and then that was the point at which the negotiation continued — but yes, that was my military advice," he said, NR reports.

And Obama ignored that advice.  So why didn't Dempsey just tell him to nuke Tehran and be done with it?  Especially since the General has now hastened his retirement anyway?  Other than that one of the secret side-deals probably requires us to ship the remaining U.S. nuclear arsenal (except for a handful of warheads to "maintain internal public order") and infrastructure to the mullahs.

Yet he seemed caught off guard when Ayotte pointed out the "plain language" of the bargain requires the United States "to help strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against sabotage of its nuclear program" — even to the point of warning Iran if Israel tries to launch cyberattacks against the program.

Stuxnet virus, we hardly knew ye.

"I hadn't thought about that, senator, and I would like to have the opportunity to do so," he responded, NR reports. [emphases added]

Two possibilities: (1) Dempsey knew, approved of this flagrant betrayal of the Israelis, and is lying to Senator Ayotte; or (2) Dempsey didn't know, which means that military intelligence is being kept from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - which is to say, the entire U.S. military - or whatever's left of it that isn't purposely dropping the soap and doesn't recognize the existence of five dozen genders and counting.  And that, in turn, will be another fascinating chapter in those history books only ten percent of us by best estimates will survive to read, huddled around those campfires, roasted coyote fragments on spits, and Gutenberg printers liberated from bombed out museums.

And General Dempsey's Burning Bed-esque memoirs, if we're lucky.

UPDATE: First Senator Ernst, then Senator Tom Cotton drills John Kerry like Nero did the planet Vulcan.  Can we get more conservative Iraq vets to run for high public office?  Pretty please?

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