Thursday, August 27, 2015

Farmers Gain Control of Water in Temecula

By Douglas V. Gibbs

On Tuesday, August 28, 2015, the Rancho California Water District Board Election resulted in two Wine Country farmers winning two of the three available seats, enabling farmers to have four out of the seven seats on the board, giving them a majority.

One of the farmers, Danny Martin, said of the win, “Hopefully we can do something for the ratepayers in the district.”

Incumbent Lisa Herman said she will try to speak for the non-agricultural customers. “I don’t want the board to be monopolized by people with an agenda, all of our ratepayers should be treated fairly.”

Rancho Water serves Temecula, the De Luz and La Cresta communities, a small part of southern Murrieta and Temecula’s Wine Country. Of that region, a significant area is owned by vintners and ranchers and rural customers on large parcels in the hills of De Luz ,(“gentlemen farmers” who may grow citrus or avocado trees). The remainder of the district’s customers are businesses that line I-15, and Temecula residents who live in tract homes or multi-family dwellings.

Martin also said he’ll be focusing on efficiency to get rates down for both commercial and residential customers. “The majority of our friends live in the suburbs,” he said. “Those are our friends, my friends.”

Bill Wilson, the other farmer to be victorious in the election, said his focus will be on making the entire Temecula Valley better, which in the long run benefits his business and the ratepayers. “It’s not just about me,” he said. “You gotta serve the people of the community as a whole.”

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