Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sarah Palin OAN Interview Highlights

by JASmius

Well, so much for Mr. Gibbs getting a gig on One America Network.  Looks like they decided to go with slightly bigger "fry" to replace Rick Amato.  At least 'cuda will generate the revenues to replace all their website servers that promptly crashed this evening from the ridiculous viewer overload.

The ex-Alaska governor conducted three interview tonight, one of which I'm frankly astonished that she was willing to conduct.

In a highly anticipated TV event with two of the GOP's biggest celebrities....


Donald Trump told Sarah Palin on Friday that his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is "bringing back the silent majority" of Americans who "want to see America be great again."

So he's resurrecting Spiro Agnew to be his running mate?  If he's going the zombie route, why not bring back Reagan instead?  And then get out of his way?

"They want to see something incredible happen that is going to be great," Trump said on Palin's On Point program on the One America News Network.

Still channeling Dave Bowman, I see.  Which is great if you're an alien amalgam but a gigantic, intelligence-insulting, cryptic pain in the ass if you're a presidential "frontrunner" that hasn't remotely earned that status.

He also called on the GOP-controlled Congress to "stand together and say that we are going to fund the rest of the government, but we're not going to fund Planned Parenthood."

So does that mean that Senator Cruz no longer wants to defund ObamaCare?  Well, that IS a newsworthy implicit but huge concession on his part.  I wonder if his slavishly loyal supporters have noticed that gaffe.

"There are a lot of things that government does that are broken, and the education system is a good example of that," the former Florida governor told Palin. "We have a duty to fix them, not necessarily spending more money, but by empowering people to live their lives with dignity and respect. [emphasis added]

There's his wiggle room.

"This should be a very powerful conservative value," Bush said.

Yeah - "compassionately conservative," I'm guessing.  Just as I'm guessing that the only reason that 'cuda added Jeb to the interview list was as a sop to journalistic balance and integrity so that this edition of On Point would look a little less like an obnoxious, unsufferably "populist" cheerleading exercise.

Exit question: When is she going to book Governor Walker?

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