Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Baltimore Sets Black Klan Bounty On Police Officers

by JASmius

In "Charm City's" case, a cool $1.067 million per jailed (and preferably dead) cop.  That's an awfully nice payday for trumping up false charges of "police brutality":

Baltimore officials have reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray, the twenty-five-year-old man who died in April from a neck injury he suffered in police custody, according to two people with knowledge of the agreement. …

It’s unclear whether the city or police department acknowledges liability as part of the settlement.

The settlement was reached following weeks of talks between city leaders and Billy and Hassan Murphy, attorneys for the Gray family.

This isn't a settlement, ladies and gentlemen, it's a bribe.  It's protection money being paid to the communist-driven and -funded Black Klan to try and persuade them not to burn down the rest of Baltimore after the "Baltimore Six" criminal trials fail to deliver the major convictions that mob is demanding after State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's ridiculous overcharging of the law enforcement defendants.  The city knows very well that those prosecutions are going to produce acquittals on the high-profile charges (murder, manslaughter, etc.) and more violence, upheaval, and civil unrest is going to be the result.  They're hoping this preemptive capitulation on the civil/wrongful death side will preemptively take the edge off the next round of riots imminently to come.

Personally, I think they're throwing their money away.  Freddie Gray's family will pocket that windfall and next round of rioting and looting will go forward anyway.  The insurrectionists have absolutely no reason to hold back and every incentive to shoot the proverbial moon (and whatever police officers dare show themselves in public).  It's not like the Baltimore PD will be allowed to interfere anyway.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik sees the settlement as more than just horrible incentivizing; he calls it preemptive blood money:

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik Tuesday slammed the proposed $6.4 million wrongful death settlement the city of Baltimore reached with the family of Freddie Gray, telling Newsmax TV that "this is almost a death warrant for these cops."

"This is going to help convict the cops," Kerik, who oversaw the city's police force during the 9/11 attacks, said in an interview. "This is a miscarriage of justice. It's wrong — and they're influencing the jury pool."...

"The mayor said that it should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial," he told Newsmax. "She has to be completely naïve if she doesn't think that this settlement is going to have an impact on their trial.

"It's outrageous and it's irresponsible for the city, for this settlement at all, pending the trial of these officers," he added. "I honestly think this is an attempt by the city to influence the jury pool in favor of the Gray family.

"Nobody in their right mind would believe that this isn't going to have an impact in the jury's decision in a criminal trial against those cops."

It is logical.  If you're in the jury pool for any of these trials, and you see - as everybody in the country will, much less Baltimore - and you see the city coughing up more to the Gray family than it did on all police misconduct matters for the past four years combined, would you not interpret that as a pretty clear indication of what the Baltimore Six's employer thinks about their guilt?  Especially given how stacked those juries are going to be against the police defendants anyway?  Mayor Stephanie Blake has just given them 6.4 million reasons to disregard any evidence presented to them by the defense and railroad them into the convictions the Black Klan wants.

And at least some of that taxpayer cash was syphoned from the same business owners whose property was damaged or destroyed last spring and will be again if this mockery of justice somehow doesn't succeed.  And if that winds up being the outcome, all six of those Baltimore police officers will have to join the Darrin Wilson cop protection program or they'll be dead men and women minutes after their acquittals.

And still, even here, even now, Barack Obama's race war is just beginning.

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