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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bowe Berghdahl To Be Charged With A Long, Gobbledygook Euphemism For Treason

by JASmius

Well, okay, one step short of treason.  Apparently defecting to the Taliban when in Afghanistan can't be considered treason unless Double-B had been bellowing "Allahu Akbar!" upon reaching his climaxes while enjoying indigenous female company.  Which probably helps explain why he told his buddies upon embarking on his "great adventure" that he was planning to "walk to China":

[Former] Army رقيب Bowe Bergdahl faces a possible life sentence after military prosecutors reached back into a section of military law seldom used since World War II to charge him with "misbehavior before the enemy" in addition to desertion.

Bergdahl — the soldier "held prisoner" for years by the Taliban after leaving his post in Afghanistan — could face a life sentence if convicted of the added charge, which accuses him of endangering fellow soldiers when he "left without authority; and wrongfully caused search and recovery operations."

The desertion charge, in this case, only carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Aaaaaand now we know why military prosecutors are reaching back into that seldom-used section of military law.  Evidently the Muzzie beard and billowing robes and the taqiyah and the otherwise inexplicable fact that this jihadi Gomer Pyle was kept alive by the Talibanis for five years when they are hardwired to kill any U.S. soldier on sight isn't considered sufficiently overpowering circumstantial evidence to connect these particular two dots.

Observers of the politically fraught case against Bergdahl had wondered for months if he would be charged with desertion after the deal brokered by Barack Obama to bring him home, according to the Associated Press.

Oh, I didn't wonder.  I was positive he wouldn't be.  Still am, actually.  And will remain so even if I do see it.  Obama will have Mike Simpson arrested and appoint Bergdahl to that House seat.  But it seems that Team Messiah has determined that Double-B needs to flesh out his "biography" with a "Rocky" narrative where the "heroic" young man must first overcome the dastardly plot of military "Islamophobes" to achieve "justice" in his "jihad".

You know, "personal journey".  Isn't that how O once defined that term?

Now he is charged both with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, a much rarer offense that carries a stiffer potential penalty in this case.

"I've never seen it charged," Walter Huffman, a retired major general who served as the Army's top lawyer, said of the misbehavior charge. "It's not something you find in common everyday practice in the military."

All right, then, General Huffman, please do explain further.

Huffman and others say the misbehavior charge allows authorities to allege that Bergdahl not only left his unit with one [fewer] soldier, but that his deliberate action put soldiers who searched for him in harm's way.

"You're able to say that what he did had a particular impact or put particular people at risk. It is less generic than just quitting," said Lawrence Morris, a retired Army colonel who served as the branch's top prosecutor and top public defender.

Past examples of "misbehaving before the enemy" include a Marine lance corporal who pleaded guilty after refusing to provide security for a convoy leaving base in Iraq in 2004, a soldier in Iraq who was charged with cowardice in 2003 after he saw a mangled body and sought counseling, an Army captain accused of endangering a base in Vietnam by disobeying an order to establish an ambush position, and my personal favorite, an Army corporal who was convicted of endangering his unit in Korea by getting drunk on duty - "so drunk that it took the tank company commander thirty minutes to arouse him."  Fortunately for Ali Bowe-bar Al-Bergdahli, consumption of adult beverages is strictly prohibited by his new religion.

I'd prefer that they just charge and convict him of treason and take him out and shoot him.  But "misbehaving before the enemy" is more than I ever dreamed that they would go for, so I'll gladly take that.  Even if it does make it sound like Double-B regularly digitally pleasured himself while doing nude jumping jacks in his captors' latrine for their uproarious amusement.

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