Saturday, September 19, 2015


by JASmius

The European compulsion for cultural suicide arrives in North America:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government said Saturday that it will issue thousands more visas to Syrian refugees before the end of this year by accelerating the processing of their applications, as it tries to counter election-year criticism over its handling of the refugee crisis.

Canada will bring in ten thousand refugees by September 2016, fifteen months ahead of schedule. The government said it will speed up the processing of Syrian refugees by no longer requiring them to prove their refugee status through the United Nations refugee agency. Instead, Syrians will be presumed to be refugees by Canadian authorities who vet their applications. [emphases added]

Just like with the Iranians on Obama's nuclear "deal," Muslims will be granted "the honor system".  Sure, they're refugees - because they say so.  All together, now: "What could possibly go wrong?"

Sure, ten thousand "refugees" pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousand or even millions of "Muzzies" pouring across Europe.  But given that Canada has about a tenth the population of the U.S., that equates to one hundred thousand down here.  In a largely empty country, that's a disproportionately significant number.

What's truly depressing is that Prime Minister Harper is choosing to pander to Islamophilic Canadian voters and endanger their lives in the bargain:

Harper's government has endured criticism for taking in just 2,500 refugees since January 2014, especially after the photo a three-year-old boy, Alan Kurdi, lying face down on a Turkish beach made headlines around the world two weeks ago.


Several countries have announced they'll take in thousands of more refugees since the dead toddler's photo became an unforgettable symbol of Syrians' desperation to escape the war that has ravaged their homeland.

Harper's rivals have called on him to follow suit. Former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien has called Harper's refusal a "cold-hearted reaction" to the Syrian crisis that has "shamed Canada in the eyes of Canadians and of the international community."

There's a reason I've always referred to to the ex-Liberal Canadian PM as Jean Cretin.  This should tell you why.  Given the ten percent rule, Harper is speeding up the importation of a thousand more jihadists into the Great White North.  He has not heretofore been to awfully eager to do so because he understands that it's better to be "shamed" and alive than suck off the "international community" and be dead.

But it could be worse for the hosers.  The Canadian leader is weakening, but he still retains full possession of his mental faculties.  I can only imagine how bad the mania is going to get down here.

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