Saturday, September 12, 2015

Conservative Voice Radio on KMET 1490-AM

Host Douglas V. Gibbs is joined by members of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party to discuss national and local issues on the Conservative Voice Radio program.  Listen on KMET 1490-AM at 8:00 am, or catch the podcasted episodes anytime on Conservative Voice Radio's KMET page.

Today's Topics:

- A County Clerk, Kim Davis, that was arrested for not issuing Gay Marriage Licenses, was released.  What does her imprisonment mean in regards to where society is?  What does the Constitution say about the issue?

- The Iran Deal was labeled an agreement, and the republicans have been fighting the issue on the terms of its definition as an agreement.  What if it was a treaty?  Isn't it a treaty?  What does the Constitution say?

- The Record Gazette in Beaumont has been leaning left, and refusing to print conservative letters.

- A staffer that works for Hillary Clinton just pleaded the fifth in order to not self-incriminate themselves regarding Hillary's personal email server.  What does this say about Hillary, and the scandal she finds herself embroiled in?

- Trump and Cruz have been talking to each other.  Is this a good thing?  Is Trump even worthy to be at the top of the GOP ticket?  Will his position at the top last?

- The migrant crisis in Europe is a tear drenching thing.  Our hearts go out to the poor people forced to migrate to Europe to escape the violence of the Middle East.  Or, is it Jihad by emigration?

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