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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cuba Fills Up Their Jails For Pope Francis

by JASmius

I imagine the proletarian pontiff will inspect them and express his hearty approval of the Castros' preparatory crackdown on the "capitalist currit canibus".

And, oh by the way, they're Roman Catholic as well.  Something that I have to wonder if Raul and Fidel would have done if a REAL pope was coming:

Cuban police detained about fifty people when a predominantly Roman Catholic dissident group led a march in Havana on Sunday, less than a week before Pope Francis visits the communist-ruled country.

Such detentions have become common following regular Sunday marches by the Ladies in White, a group that has criticized the Roman Catholic Church and Cuban "Cardinal" Jaime Ortega for failing to advocate on its behalf with the Cuban government.

Ladies in White leader Berta Soler told Reuters the women [had] planned to attend masses that Pope Francis will lead in Havana and Holguin while in Cuba from September 19th-22nd. The pope will also visit Santiago de Cuba.

"I would [have] discuss[ed] with the pope the need to stop police violence against those who exercise their freedom to demonstrate in public," Soler said.

Apparently Senorita Soler didn't get the memo that Francis has - how shall I put this? - "redefined" Catholicism along lines more "compatible" with the "ruling ethic" of his upcoming hosts.

Cuba's government considers the dissidents to be provocateurs who are financed by anti-communist groups in the United States as part of an effort to destabilize the government in Havana.

And they're also, you know, bible-thumpers and snake-handlers and knuckle-draggers as well.  Remember the First Commandment of Marxism: "Thou shalt have no God but the State".

In their weekly rally following mass at Havana's Santa Rita Catholic Church, about forty of the women, accompanied by about a dozen male supporters, marched outside their authorized route and down a side street where they were set upon by some two hundred government supporters and police.

Female police pushed, pulled and carried the women onto buses as some sat down in an attempt to resist. The men were handcuffed and shoved into police cars and vans.

After which they were no doubt all taken to an "undisclosed location" and beaten to a pulp at the very least.

This is what Francis calls "Christian".  And what is "Cardinal" Ortega's excuse for allowing this repression to continue unabated without so much as a peep of protest?  The "Church" "cannot take up partisan political causes."  Which is odd, because I thought that Christ Himself said that His Kingdom "is not of this world".

However, never let it be said that I don't give the Red Pope credit where it's due - and this one is a spit-take hum-dinger:

Pope Francis has warned against the risk that militants could slip into Europe under cover of a huge wave of refugees fleeing war in Syria....

In an interview published on Monday with the Portuguese Catholic broadcaster Radio Renascenca, the pope referred to the risk that the Islamic State, which has killed [thousands of] Christians and other minorities in the Middle East, could launch attacks in Europe.

"It's true, I also want to recognize that, nowadays, territorial security conditions are not the same as they were in other periods (of mass migration)," he said in the interview.

"The truth is that just 250 miles from Sicily there is an incredibly cruel terrorist group. So there is a danger of infiltration, this is true."

Oh, don't get me wrong, Francis is still for importing tens of millions of Muslims into Europe to destroy whatever tattered, battered remains of Christian culture remain on the Continent and turn it into the exact same sort of hellhole war zone that the Middle East has been reduced to by the Obama Doctrine.  But at least he's being honest about it, unlike President Red Lines.

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