Friday, September 18, 2015

Kerry: U.S. To Grovel Before Russia Over Syria

by JASmius

And accomplish what, exactly?  Politely ask Putin to withdraw his forces from Syria because it's the "twenty-first century thing to do" just two years after Obama effectively punted Syria to the Russians because backing up his 2012 "red lines" ultimatum to Bashar al-Assad felt too much like emulating his predecessor on Iraq?  I think it's a bit late for what, in a much less "PC" era than this one, would have been called "Indian giving":

The U.S. is planning direct talks between Russian and American military officials over Russia's growing involvement in Syria.

O may be planning direct talks, but the Russians are under no obligation to participate in them.  Just like in the bad old days of the Evil Empire that Vlad and Barry miss so much, wherever the Russian Army goes, the Russian Army stays, and it's rather difficult to talk them into retreating.

Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in London that Barack Obama believes such discussions are an important next step as the U.S. and its allies seek to resolve a worsening Syria crisis.

Obama forfeited any U.S. role in "resolving the worsening Syria crisis" that he has done more than anybody outside the Middle East to worsen when he handed it off to Putin to handle two years ago.  Now he wants to retrieve that particular baton under the rubric of "diplomacy"?  No wonder Vlad is chortling in that pic above.

The Pentagon will take the lead in the discussions but the exact level, venue and timing have yet to be determined.

Or whether they'll take place at all.  Something tells me if they do, it'll be Obamagon brass talking to themselves about what idiots the "Smart Power Rangers" are - under their breath and in code, of course.

But here's the compounding folly of this gesture:

Most military talks with Russia were suspended after Russia annexed the Crimea region of Ukraine.

A weak and futile action, but one that was at least symbolic of U.S. disapproval of Putin's unprovoked acts of aggression against Ukraine.  Which, if even that symbolism is to be retained, means we cannot engage in renewed military talks with the Russians until such time as they have complied with our demands to withdraw from the Crimea and return it to Ukrainian jurisdiction.  That's how geopolitics works, however "nineteenth century" that may seem to Obama and Kerry.

But now they're throwing that out the window at the irresistible pull of meeting with one of the many enemies The One has birthed and cultivated to pump the air full of meaningless and useless words for their amazement and amusement.  I can't help wondering what the Ukrainians are thinking about this right now.  Just imagine if the hordes of Syrian "refugees" were overrunning THEIR territory (and how the Russians would be handling it).

I can confidently predict what Russian military leaders will tell their Obamerikastani counterparts if they do bother to show up for Lurch's "high level talks," though: "Nyet. Teper' vybrat'sya iz Sirii , prezhde chem my cherez vas." ("No.  Now get out of Syria before we throw you out.")  Followed by a gale of hearty chuckles.

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