Saturday, September 05, 2015

Lavender Lobby Sodomarriage Crackdown Reaches Oregon

by JASmius

Breathtaking, isn't it, how a judge at any level can be an omnipotent oligarch or just another victim depending entirely upon which "tribe" if which he or she is a member and where he or she comes down on the subject of sodomarriage.

In Vance Day's "case," from the Lavender Lobby's point of view, and in the words of the last templar knight after Walter Donovan drank from the wrong Grail, "He chose.....poorly":

A Marion County judge has refused to perform [homosexual] "marriages" and has asked his clerks to refer couples seeking [homosexual] "marriages" to other county judges.

Judge Vance Day, a circuit court judge and former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party....

Which makes him a target almost as much as his alleged "offense". now facing an ethics investigation over that decision, according to the judge’s spokesman.

Spokesman Patrick Korten said Day instructed his staff to tell couples that the judge will not perform [homosexual] "marriages". The staffers were instructed to refer [homosexual] "couples" to other Marion County judges willing to issue them a "marriage" license.

Of which there must be some, right?  I mean, this is Oregon we're talking about.  Granola Central.  Keeper of the Weird.  State where the Democrat governor got re-elected last November to a fourth term after FUBARing the State's ObamaCare website so completely that it made look like a well-oiled machine, AND managed to trigger a related corruption scandal involving his wife at the same time.  Judge Day has to be the token Republican on the Marion County bench, yes?  It's inconceivable that "old dirt road travelers" can't find a judge to preside over their Crisco'd-up "nuptials," correct?  So why does Judge Day have to be indentured into that debauched and degrading servitude?

You have to ask?  Because "we will be made to care".  Because, as Mike Huckabee said yesterday in the context of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis being jailed for her faith, Christianity is being criminalized.  Because "we are all gay, now" - or else.

Aaaaaaaand because Justice Kennedy said so.

And, no offense intended, but Jazz Shaw is wrong when he makes the following argument:

The point here is that Vance Day could have avoided all of this and remained true to his beliefs by simply announcing last March that he would no longer be officiating at weddings. By choosing to make a public statement the way he did he has presented himself as a target of opportunity for the Social Justice Warriors and as such must be made to pay. I suppose an ethics investigation is the best they could muster up on short notice.

No, Mr. Shaw, Judge Day could not and would not have "avoided all this" by any alternative action he could have taken other than knuckling under and performing sodoweddings.  He may have made his good and proper opposition to them more high profile than it needed to be, but all he did in so doing was to hasten the heavy-handed, intolerant retribution that would have ensued sooner or later for not "doing his legal duty".  It was just a matter of time.

Remember, now and forever: Big Brother is watching all of us.  And he never leaves his brother(')s behind.

Exit question: Do they make orange judge's robes?  I think Vance Day is going to need a pair.

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