Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pope Francis Seeks Audience With Fidel Castro

by JASmius

It's kind of like a twenty-first-century meeting of the old Comintern, isn't it?:

Pope Francis will hold a private meeting with Fidel Castro during his visit to Cuba later this month if the former president’s health allows it, according to three Vatican officials with knowledge of the matter....

“If Castro is up to it, I fully expect them to meet for a private talk,” said papal biographer Austen Ivereigh. Francis “sympathized with the original aims of the Cuban revolution and was very supportive of the desire for economic sovereignty, for social justice.

Wow.  Nothing I can add to that.

Except of course that I'm sure Castro will be glad to hear Francis's confession of any capitalist sins he may want to share and for which to seek forgiveness.  But the latter is probably highly unlikely, if recent events are any indication.

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