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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The "Caitlyn" Effect

by JASmius

Judging from that pic, I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that "Lila" has not undergone his addacunttomy yet.  But that's not stopping him from battering his way into the girls' lockerroom, and the real girls and their parents are having none of it:

Almost two hundred high school students in Missouri walked out of their classes to protest one a transgender student in senior year being allowed in the girls' bathroom.

Members of the Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri, ditched two hours of lessons to object to "Lila" Perry, a seventeen-year-old senior, being granted access to female bathrooms.

Perry, who started identifying as transgender earlier this year, was using the female facilities to change for gym classes, which upset many other girls at the school. [emphasis added]

Mr. Perry's sexual confusion started "earlier this year," eh?  Gee, what happened earlier this year that could possibly have influenced the lad towards transvestitism?


They objected that Perry, who has not had any gender reassignment therapy....

Has not had himself chemically and surgically mutilated yet. still biologically male, Fox News reported.

And he would/will be biologically male after "the procedure" as well, because gender is genetic, not cosmetic.

Perry, who wears a wig, makeup and skirts to school, used to use a unisex facilities meant for staff - but decided for this academic year he wanted to be allowed in the girls' bathrooms.

He pushed for an inch, and school officials foolishly caved.  Now he's lunging for the mile.

[H]e said: 'I’m not going to expose myself. I’m not a pervert....

Wanna bet, Skippy?

I’m a transgender woman. I’m a girl.

No, you're not.  You're just grievously confused, deceived, and going through a phase that, in any time saner than this one, would have manifested itself as buying an old jalopy car with a horn that doesn't turn off.

'I’m just in there to change, do my business, and... if they have any questions about being transgender, they are more than welcome to talk to me, and I’ll be happy to explain it.'

So he's bulling his way into the girls' locker room as a recruiter "for the cause".  Why am I not surprised?

And it appears that he won't have to do much persuading:

One student, Sophie Beel, told local station Fox 2 St Louis: 'I find it offensive because Lila has not went through any procedure to become female, putting on a dress and putting on a wig is not transgender to me'.

Miss Beel, what is "transgender" to you is irrelevant.  It's an objective definition.  On which, come to think of it, Mr. Perry would probably agree to this point, until I went on to add that it's a false definition, because "transgender" is a psychiatric disorder, not a biological condition.  You can't turn a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy any more than you can turn an apple into a carburetor or (to channel Howard Wolowitz for a moment) an animatronic blowup doll into Jessica Alba.  There's no such thing, in other words, as biological alchemy.  We are born either male or female.  It's right there in Genesis 1:27.  Look it up for yourself.

What this tells me is that the hale and hearty members of #Girls'RightsMatter are only moderately less "programmed" than is poor Mr. Perry.  And while it's encouraging that they're pushing back against this twisted madness, they're still not doing so from a firm philosophical foundation.  And that's why they're going to lose.

As to young Mr. Perry, one has to wonder where his parents are in this equation, because they must have done a piss-poor job of values-inculcation if he was this vulnerable to the slightest nudge of degenerate cultural influences.

But as you probably already surmised, he's being cast as the "victim" in this situation:

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the protest lasted for two hours before school officials told students to go back inside.

During the demonstration, Perry was locked in a staff member's office because there were fears for h[is] safety.

A big, strapping lad like that, afraid of some little girls?  Mr. Perry is still a boy and always will be, but maybe his divergent sartorial tastes are not entirely inappropriate after all.

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