Monday, September 14, 2015

The Five Month Hillary Clinton Email Gap

by JASmius

Huh; and Rosemary Woods' was only eighteen minutes on the Nixon Oval Office tapes.  But then, that was a much more innocent age.

And Nixon was, you know, a Republican:

There [are] five months' worth of gaps in the emails former [Commissar] of State Hillary Clinton turned over to the government, and a watchdog group dogging the data dump wants "an explanation about that."

According to the Daily Caller, gaps in the emails were discovered in documents Judicial Watch has recently obtained.

"A five month email gap," Judicial Watch's president, Tom Fitton, told the group's Leadership Summit Monday, the Daily Caller reports. "I want an explanation about that."

Which he, and we, are never going to get, and couldn't seriously believe even if we did.

"These emails raise questions whether [Mrs.] Clinton told the truth last month" when she submitted a statement to federal court that she'd handed over all the required emails, he added.

Oh, there aren't any questions about that.  Of course Hillary didn't tell the truth last month, or at any other time.  When does she ever, other than when it's in her interest to do so, which hardly ever happens?

And, not to make this sound like a Mr. Pompeil commercial, but "That's not all!":

The documents also show that one key State Department official did not want a written record of issues about the [Hillary] Clinton emails. The documents also raise new questions about the accuracy of representations made to Judicial Watch, the courts, Congress, and the public by the Obama administration and [Mrs.] Clinton.

The documents were produced under court order in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit Judicial Watch filed on May 6th, 2013 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)). The lawsuit was filed after the Obama State Department violated federal law and failed to respond to two separate FOIA requests, including a request for records about the actual production of the emails records by [Mrs.] Clinton to the State Department.

The first batch of documents obtained by Judicial Watch contains a heavily redacted email from State Department official Eric F. Stein to Margaret P. Grafeld, dated April 21st, 2015, with the subject “HRC Emails.” Stein is deputy director of global information systems at the State Department and Grafeld is deputy assistant secretary of global information systems.

In short, more day-glo obvious indications that the Empress has yet to tell the truth about any aspect of Emailgate, and that the Obama Regime is up to its eyebrows in it as well.  The difference being that the latter don't have to care because they're already entrenched in power, whereas she has yet to attain that power.

And it's looking more and more like she never will.  Which, for anybody who reads this site and listens to its radio programs, will come as no surprise:

Hillary Clinton's growing email scandal is hurting her standing among Democrats, according to a Washington Post/ABC poll released on Monday that shows her support dropping below 50% for the first time, with her largest decline coming from white women, who have until now been her major source of support.

[Mrs.] Clinton still was the poll's leader, taking 42% of the registered voters, compared to Senator Bernie Sanders with 24% and Vice President Joe Biden who has not entered the race, with 21%, the Post reported.

And while [Mrs.] Clinton's numbers fell, Sanders' rose by ten points since July, with Biden up by nine.

Over the weekend, Sanders came out ahead of [Mrs.] Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a new CBS News poll, receiving 43% support in Iowa to 33% for [Mrs.] Clinton. Biden netted ten percent in the Iowa poll.

The CBS poll put Sanders ahead of [Mrs.] Clinton in New Hampshire by 52% to 30%, with Biden receiving nine percent.

On top of that implosion, a majority of those Democrat registered votes believe that the Ugly Dutchess broke the law, is guiltier than sin itself, and a filthy liar besides:

This, then, is the nightmare scenario that nobody except this blog saw coming: Hillary Clinton will get destroyed by any Republican that manages to get nominated next year, making her the worst possible Democrat nominee....except every other Democrat in the race, who would do even worse.

So here's another prediction: La Clinton Nostra will make sure, by hook or by crook, that Donald Trump doesn't win the GOP nomination so that he will be both available and motivated to run as an independent write-in candidate in order to split the Republican vote a year from now.

Probably by just giving him a phone call.

UPDATE: Here is what the woman who "stood by her man," the unconvicted rapist, certified sexual predator, and forty-second POTUS, and sicced the Clinton personal destruction machine on every one of Mr. Bill's victims who ever came forward during the 1990s, had to say about the despicable, defamatory, predatory "rape culture" hoax to its ball-breaking, character-assassinating, man-hating perpetrators:

Hillary Clinton pledged to confront rape and sexual assault on college campuses if elected president at a Monday speech at Northern Iowa University…

She lauded the Obama administration’s work on the issue and promised to carry the torch if elected president. The White House launched the “It’s On Us” campaign last year targeted at ending sexual assaults on college campuses and authored a “Dear Colleague” letter in 2011 that spelled out the Department of Education’s views on schools’ responsibility to combat the issue.

“I want to send a message to all of the survivors,” she said.

Don’t let anyone silence your voice, you have the right to be heard, the right [to] be believed, and we are with you as you go forward.” [emphasis added]

Sure, she'll "confront rape and sexual assault" - as long as it advanced her political interests.  If doing so impedes her political interests, she will become the greatest defender and advocate of rape and sexual assault.  Like she was in the '90s.

I think she was just pandering to another particular Donk demographic with this blood vessel-bursting hypocrisy, though.  Maybe she'll actually be believed to a degree on this one because of her alleged vagina, but she'll be on to the next skeptical leftwingnut audience tomorrow on her downward path to the political rocks below.

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