Monday, September 07, 2015

Why Colin Powell Is Endorsing Obama's Iran Nuclear Sellout

by JASmius

It isn't - because it can't be - that the "deal" will actually work in denying the mullahs nuclear weapons:

The nuclear deal’s mechanism for inspecting Iran’s Parchin military complex appears to be unreasonably lax, the former number two official at the United Nations nuclear watchdog said this week.

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Olli Heinonen, who served as the International Atomic Energy Agency’s deputy director-general, called on the Vienna-based body to release the as-of-yet undisclosed side agreements with Iran, which are part of broader pact Tehran[, five] world powers[, and the United States] struck in July. …

The key question is: will the IAEA be present during the sample-taking or not?” Heinonen wondered. “It looks to me that they might be witnessing the sample-taking through some camera view, or from a distance. If that’s really the case I have a lot of reservations about the reasonability and credibility of the arrangements.”

Heinonen — who worked for the IAEA for nearly three decades and headed the agency’s Department of Safeguards — explained that taking samples at a site suspected of having hosted illicit nuclear activity is no simple feat.

“You need to know what you sample, how you sample, and if the sample is representative of the object you sample,” he said. It’s difficult to assess changes that might have been done to the facility — such as the installation of false walls or efforts to hide or sanitize equipment — by merely looking at photo or video material. “You need to be present and see physically the place. Therefore, for the IAEA to do a credible job they need to get to that chamber and take independently their samples.”

Which the "deal" specifically prohibits.  The Iranians get to gather their own samples in private, hidden from the IAEA's not-so-prying eyes.  Self-inspection by an enemy that has no reason to voluntarily disclose anything and every incentive - and ability - to do whatever they want and lie about it to us.  And we - which is to say, Barack Obama and is fellow-travelers - have every incentive to let them do so because "we" don't care about averting and preventing a nuclear Iran, but rather creating the appearance of same without the reality.  The only parties who do seek to keep the mullahgarchy from getting nukes are not part of the "deal," were excluded from and given no say in it, and are powerless to stop it.

And Colin Powell is one of Barack Obama's fellow-travelers.  Recall that he endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012.  He may have been Ronald Reagan's National Security Adviser, Bush41's Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, and Bush43's Secretary of State, but he was never any kind of conservative, and he cemented his transition to the far Left with the rise of The One.

One that context is established, his almost programmed endorsement of the "deal" becomes a formality.

But it doesn't stop there.

Powell says he "doesn't mind" the racist, violent, insurrectionist, U.S. Communist Party-funded #BlackLivesMatter....

....and smears the GOP as "dark" and "intolerant" with scarcely any less classlessness than had been Hillary Clinton....

....and yet Powell's endorsement of the "deal" along with that of DNC Chairdyke Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is being hailed today as some sort of of "triumph" for Red Barry.  When the reality is that that's like checking off a couple of boxes, backing that was already "in the bank" and always was.

Think of Powell's "deal" endorsement as a sellout backing a sellout.

And to think that there were so many 'Pubbies trying to draft Powell to run for the GOP presidential nomination in 1996.  The country might actually have been better off with a second Clinton term.

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