Saturday, October 17, 2015

American Daily Review: The Other End Of The Wormhole

Doug Gibbs (author, constitutional instructor, publisher, public speaker, American Freedom Alliance fellow, director of the Center For The Study Of The United States Constitution, AM radio co-host, and all around man with way too much time on his hands) was, unbeknownst to his broadcasting partner, scheduled to be in Utah today, but the occasion of his visit was scotched, leaving him free to....spend the day with Mrs. Pistachio at her insistence.  So, for the first time since Mr. Constitution was running for Murrieta (California) city council five years ago, he is absent for consecutive Saturdays.

And you may have noticed that yesterday's edition of Hard Starboard Radio never aired, the product of a phone call about an hour before airtime informing me that dear old Dad needed to be taken to local "prompt/urgent" care over a possible urinary tract infection that has given him, as I shorthandedly refer to it, "Geezer Clap".

So remember what I said last week about wanting to keep the HSR and ADR "brands" separate?  Yeah, that's going out the window today on Open Thighs Saturday at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific.

Constitution Radio returns next Saturday, 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific on KMET 1490-AM.

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