Friday, October 16, 2015

Angela Merkel About To Be Toppled?

by JASmius

A month ago, the German Chancellor threw open Germany's borders and invited the entire Muslim population of Planet Earth to overrun her country, bankrupt its economy, completely submerge its culture, and probably forcibly put her in a burqa after having their way with her.  Four days later, the German people were already crying for help.  The day after that, Germany closed its borders again.  But the problems caused by the influx that had already swept in escalated, and now even her own governing coalition is ready to turn on her:

Germany’s Angela Merkel is used to owning the room when she speaks to her party faithful, but the mood turned hostile when she defended her open-door refugee policy this week.

In a heated atmosphere, some of the 1,000-odd members at the meeting warned of a “national disaster” and demanded shuttering the borders as Germany expects up to one million migrants this year.

“Stop the refugee chaos — save German culture + values — dethrone Merkel,” read a banner at the congress late Wednesday in the eastern state of Saxony, the home base for the anti-foreigner PEGIDA movement.

Merkel, who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the communist East, insisted she would stay the course and told party members that “isolation already failed in the days of East Germany”.

Thus proving that she still doesn't get it.  How would Germany be "isolating" itself by refusing to inundate itself with literally millions of aliens from a foreign, hostile culture that you can guarantee will never assimilate into the German way of life?  Now in order to not be denounced as "racist" and "nativist" and "xenophobic" and "anti-immigrant," you have to essentially commit cultural suicide?  No wonder even her own party and ruling coalition partners are telling her to go jump in the septic tank.

How bad has it gotten for Merkel?  Her very own top lieutenant may be ready to take her down and take her place:

Bild even asserted Merkel was losing the support of her loyal veteran Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and mused whether he could replace her.

“The refugee crisis is stressing the successful duo,” it said. “He disapproves of what she is doing.”

“Merkel is still the driving force,” it added. “But if it goes on like this, how much longer?”

What can be said?  She's brought all this on herself.  It's not a matter of "Germany for Germans!," but rather, "What ABOUT the Germans?"  Are they to no longer have a place in their own country?  And they do still have a say in the matter.

But again I have to marvel at how quickly this process has unfolded in Germany versus how it hasn't even gotten off the ground over here, unless you want to count Trumpmania, which I half-do in terms of manifesting public anger and frustration, but half-don't in terms of Trump being a phony and none of it touching Barack Obama in any case.

Will Angela Merkel be "spending more time with her family" by Thanksgiving?  As fast as this crisis is moving, she might not even last through Halloween.

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