Monday, October 05, 2015

Baltimore Still Drowning In Its Own Self-Inflicted Blood

by JASmius

Retiring Mayor Stephanie Blake ordered her police department to stand down and withdraw back in the spring, and the inevitable result was a record-setting crime wave that is still roaring onwards, unfettered and unopposed:

Baltimore’s bloody summer ended with a barrage of bangs, as the rate of homicides and gun crimes continued to spike in the wake of the racially charged case of Freddie Gray, whose death in police custody left citizens angry and cops demoralized.

For September, homicides were up 39% and non-fatal shootings nearly doubled over the same month in 2014, continuing a disturbing trend that has gripped the Charm City since Gray’s death in April and the rioting that followed. For the year, murders are up 52% and non-fatal shootings 80% over last year.

“We have highly motivated bad guys in Baltimore,” Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith told

And why are they "highly motivated"?  Because they're unopposed.  Local law enforcement has been ordered to not enforce the law, not patrol neighborhoods, not deter crime before it can even get started.  Why wouldn't the "bad guys" be motivated under those circumstances?

And it has nothing whatsodamnever to do with Freddie Gray.  What happened to that drug dealer was unfortunate and still ambiguous, but the truth is clearly not relevant to Baltimore's mayor and the local State Attorney, the infamous Marilyn Mosby.  Neither is Freddie Gray's life, really.  He's just a means to an end, the evisceration of the Baltimore Police Department.  And that has led to the current endless violent crime spree that has "Charm City's" streets are still flowing with innocent blood.

Was there any mention of any of this at the U.S. Conference of Mayor's convention, held, conveniently enough, in Baltimore over the weekend?  What do you think?:

Mayor Stephanie Blake, president of the conference, will lead discussions that also will include economic development, community policing and the spike in homicides many cities saw over the summer. The group will meet at the Hilton Hotel from Friday to Sunday.

Jerry Abramson, director of intergovernmental affairs for the White House, and Ron Davis, director of the U.S. Department of Justice’s community-oriented policing services, will offer remarks at the meeting. [emphasis added]

There's that other-worldly surreality creeping in again.  It's like animals like Mayor Blake and Ron Davis and Jerry Abramson, et al are inhabiting a different quantum dimension where the disastrous, bloody consequences of their misrule somehow don't exist, even though it's going on right outside their windows.  Or, as we've said many, many times, the Left believes itself to be entitled to their own fantasy facts.

But then, does anybody really believe that any of them are going to the tsunami of blood on their hands?  It's not like anybody is compelling them to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Will you please stop stating that Freddie Gray died in police custody when in fact he died a week later in a hospital. Thanks