Saturday, October 31, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Declares War On Hillary Clinton

by JASmius

Boy, she's getting it from all sides this week, isn't she?:

Democrat presidential [candidate] Hillary Clinton was interrupted Friday by protesters from the "Black Lives Matter" movement while speaking about the criminal justice system at a historically black university.

The former secretary of state was heckled by chants of "black lives matter" reportedly coming from around a dozen people, not long after launching into her speech in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Yes they do," [Mrs.] Clinton responded, rolling with the interruption. "And I'm going to talk a lot about that in a minute."

The disruption continued as [Mrs.] Clinton tried to shout over the protesters.

Now THAT's saying something.  Anybody who can shout down that ear-splitting shrieking is a most impressive antagonist indeed.  In this case, an instance of the Ugly Dutchess being attacked from her left flank for what she truly isn't - a pure-strain Marxist-Alinksyist - versus Wall Street donors abandoning her for her pretending to be a pure-strain Marxist-Alinksyist.

To be fair, we know that BLM isn't specifically going after the ex-FLOTUS, as Bernie Sanders felt their superfluous wrath three months back.  But you'll also recall that Hillary's security headed off an earlier BLM attack a week after the one on the Sanders rally, and she effectively told them to buzz off - then.  Yesterday she was almost plaintively begging them to hear her out, all but groveling before them in an effort to appease them, do anything to allow BLM to yield back control of her campaign event.

That's how far Hillary Clinton's campaign has sunk in the space of ten weeks.  Hell, even Weekend Bernie didn't prostrate and humiliate himself before this insurrectionary racist rabble.  That's how desperate Mrs. Clinton has become in her attempts to placate and pander to the extreme Left, and how acutely aware she is of how far behind she's fallen and the second consecutive crushing primary defeat she's on course to suffer.

Even Donald Trump can't save her from this one.

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