Saturday, October 03, 2015

BREAKING: Angela Merkel's German Open Borders Policy Is Cratering Her Support

by JASmius

Boy, I bet nobody over in Germany saw THIS development coming....:

A new poll is adding to indications that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal popularity is taking a knock amid the influx of migrants to Germany, though there’s no sign of serious political damage.


The Infratest Dimap poll of 1,001 people for ARD television, conducted by telephone Tuesday and Wednesday, found 54% of respondents satisfied with Merkel, nine points fewer than a month earlier. Satisfaction with Bavarian governor Horst Seehofer, the most prominent critic of her welcoming stance toward refugees, was up eleven points to 39%.

The poll published Thursday night also showed 51% of respondents saying they’re worried so many refugees are coming, a thirteen-point rise. [emphases added]

Again, don't look at the "snapshots," look at the trends.  Merkel has dropped nine points in a matter of weeks, and her biggest critic has risen eleven points over that same span, while public concern has spiked thirteen percent.  Those are huge numbers for such a small stretch of time and clearly indicate the new direction of the German political winds, which may help explain the discordant and dissonant degree to which the German Chancellor has changed her tune:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe must protect its external frontiers as it faces the greatest influx off refugees since World War II in a crisis that she says is “testing Europe’s mettle”…

“And for Europe, this means we of course need to, above all, protect our external borders across Europe – and protect them together – so that immigration to Europe is orderly,” she said. [emphases added]

This is the same woman who was bragging a month ago about both the numbers her country was going to absorb and how it would change her country - for the better.  As was eminently predictable to any non-multi-culti, it didn't turn out that way.  But Merkel, to her credit, is adjusting to those drastically shifted political winds out of simple political self-preservation.

Funny how we never see Barack Hussein Obama make any such adjustments, isn't it?  It's almost as if he's a dictator or something, huh?

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