Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canada Withdraws From Obama's Middle East Phony War

by JASmius

To be followed, no doubt, by a Canadian-ISIS summit meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and Caliph al-Baghdadi in Mosul.  Boy howdy, I can't wait to see those proceedings unfold, can you?:

Canada's Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau, who came from behind to trounce his Conservative rivals and snatch a majority mandate, now has to deliver on pledges from tackling climate change to legalizing marijuana.


Trudeau, who had also promised to withdraw Canada from combat in the coalition fight against the Islamic State, said he told Barack Obama on Tuesday that Canada will pull out of the bombing mission but maintain humanitarian aid and training.

The White House had earlier said it hopes the new Canadian government will continue to support the efforts of the U.S.-led coalition to fight Islamic State [jihadist]s in Syria and Iraq.

"He understands the commitment I've made around ending the combat mission," Trudeau told reporters.

Words that The One should understand better than anybody.  Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see him follow Boy Trudeau's lead (since following horrible examples is that O does best) and cease all resistance to the Islamic State, dropping all phony pretense of anything but a re-abandonment of Iraq and Syria - which are under Russo-Iranian domination anyway, so it's not like we have any role there anymore.

Besides, even if Obama's Syrian Sitzkrieg was serious, the Canadian aerial combat contingent consisted of six - count 'em, a big, fat half-dozen - aircraft.  If the Regime did have a strategy, two Cheeser trios of warplanes wouldn't affect it very much.

But the symbolism?  That's well-nigh devastating,  There is, in reality, no bona fide "coalition" arrayed against ISIS, and I still am appalled at the supposed need for one, as the Russians don't appear to and they're producing vastly better results.  But if there was one, the optics of Red Barry not being able to even keep as historically close an ally and literal next-door neighbor as Canada within it fairly screams to the entire planet how weak, influenceless, and irrelevant the United States has become under the auspices of an Obama Doctrine that has, ironically, expanded northwards again with a vengeance.

Although let us not give O too much credit for that influence.  Take another look at that pretty boy pictured above and then tell me that politics is not, ultimately, a beauty contest in which issues and public policy substance are the dominant and deciding factors on which national elections turn.  The Canadian Libs knew exactly what they were doing when they annointed Boy Trudeau.

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Doug Maenpaa said...

This is a good development. Our jet fighters were not there to attack ISIS anyway, but only to create an illusion. The USA created AlQuada, Russia has stepped to to the plate to do the job that the USA couldnt/wouldnt do. And now OIbama is crying the blues.

What we contributed in bombing Libya was a disgrace. The first thing that happened is that 144 tons of gold was looted...the Libyan people will never see that again.